The Tower of London Ravensburger Jigsaw

May 25, 2016

The Tower of London Ravensburger jigsaw is a 1000 piece jigsaw which shows the history of the Tower of London.

The Tower of London is a historic castle standing on the banks of the river Thames in central London. It has been there since the time of William the Conqueror and has played a significant part in British history over the years.

The ancient stones echo with dark secrets, the crown jewels are kept inside fortified vaults and ravens strut the grounds.

Legend has it that if the six ravens ever leave then the tower will fall.  The tower is watched over by the Yeoman Warders who guard the tower. They are also known as beefeaters, the name given to them because their place as part of the Royal bodyguard entitled them to eat as much beef as they wished.

The tower has also been a prison over the years and Anne Boleyn was held and executed here. It is a place that is filled with history and I would love to visit one day.

Recently I have been doing the Tower of London Ravensburger jigsaw. It is a 1000 piece puzzle which is part of the Historic Royal Palaces series.

Tower of London 1000 piece puzzle from ravensburger

I had recently completed another puzzle in the series, Hampton Court Palace, a jigsaw I really enjoyed doing. I had every confidence I would enjoy this puzzle as well.

The puzzle features eight pictures of the Tower of London which have been taken from the archives of Historic Royal Palaces. It also captures some of the more iconic parts of the Tower of London capturing the essence of what you will see on a visit there.

Yeoman warder at the tower of london on the Ravensburger jigsaw

The Yeoman Warder is holding one of the ravens at the side of the puzzle. The Yeoman Warders have formed the Royal bodyguard since 1509 and their origins stretch back to Edward IV. Each warder will have served in the armed forces for at least 22 years.

The ravens are the guardians of the tower. They are protected and there are seven at the tower. They are looked after by the raven master who feeds them. Sometimes the ravens are badly behaved and as a result lose their position. This happened to raven George who was prone to eating television aerials.

To the left of the Yeoman warder on the puzzle you can see Traitor’s Gate. It was built by Edward I to provide a water gate entrance to the tower. Prisoners were taken though it into the tower of London.

Crown Jewels on Tower of London Ravensburger puzzle

The crown jewels are kept at the Tower of London under armed guard in the Jewel House. These jewels are still used by the Queen in ceremonies like the opening of parliament. They are also a big part of the coronation ceremonies. They are recognised at the top of the jigsaw.

Guards man on tower of london ravensburger jigsaw puzzle

Another iconic part of London are the guardsmen on duty with their big black hats. One of these is shown on the left hand side of the puzzle. The only thing to indicate that it is modern day is the fact he is holding a gun. The jigsaw is a great virtual tour of the attractions of the Tower of London.

I found this jigsaw much harder to complete than the Hampton Court Palace one but am getting there slowly. I just need to complete the actual tower in the middle. It is a great jigsaw, ideal for occupying your mind when you want a few moments break.

The reference sheet included in the box makes it much easier to see what the finished puzzle will be like. Purchases of the puzzle support the work of the Historic Royal Palaces so if you do buy one for yourself or as a gift you know you are supporting a worthwhile cause.

I was sent the puzzle in order to review it but was not obliged to say anything nice. I may complete the puzzle this week.

3 responses to “The Tower of London Ravensburger Jigsaw”

  1. Galina V says:

    These puzzles are great fun! I enjoyed it a lot, but at the moment I don’t have any puzzles to complete, sigh

  2. Well done for sticking at it and getting it finished. I always give up so easily with jigsaws.

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