Transforming your room with wall mural from Wallsauce

September 12, 2018
Wall mural from Wallsauce

Transforming your room with a wall mural allows you to turn your room into a tranquil oasis where you can relax.

How would you like to decorate your room and have a view over a winter forest or overlooking a tranquil lake? Unless you live in an area with a beautiful view this may seem an impossible dream.

How would you feel if I told you that you could create a statement wall featuring any view you want? Old-fashioned library, snow-covered mountains or a map. With a wall mural from Wallsauce, you can do just that.

Wall mural from Wallsauce

Transforming your room with a wall mural

Have you ever admired murals on the side of buildings or under bridges as you walk along the street? Now you can bring these into your own home with a wall mural from Wallsauce. They sell photo wallpaper that allows you to make a bright and colourful wall mural in any room of your home.

The great thing about Wallsauce wall murals is that you can use them to brighten up a room without having to redecorate the whole space. It can be hard work to get out all the paint, paste and wallpaper and move the furniture to decorate a whole room. With a wall mural, you can create a statement by just doing one wall.

Wallsauce have so many options to choose from you may struggle to find the perfect mural. With over 150 categories of art, there is bound to be something you love. You can choose something striking and eye-catching to something more subtle and homely. You can even create a mural from your own photo to make something truly unique. They even have dragons which would look awesome in my living room! The only limit is your imagination.

wall mural from Wallsauce

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How do you put up a wall mural

Before ordering your mural you need to measure your wall. This ensures your mural will fit your wall with no overlap. You can supply custom measurements when you order.

Before you apply the wall mural you will need to prepare your wall. You need to do this before adding any wallpaper to ensure it sticks properly. Just ensure your walls are clean, free of flaking paint and old wallpaper and you can make a start.

The murals come in panels which you can apply to your wall just like wallpaper. They are available in a range of materials – classic and premium which you paste up with wallpaper paste. The paste is included with your order. It is a good idea to lay out the panels in the correct order before you start.

If you are no good at hanging wallpaper you can also get a self-adhesive wall mural. No need to search for the pasting table,  just peel off the backing paper and stick to the wall.

wall mural from Wallsauce

Which room can I use wall murals in?

Wall murals are suitable for any room in your house. All you need is a blank wall space to install them.  A wall mural would make a perfect talking point for a child’s room. Turn their bedroom space into a fairy castle, a jungle or a spaceship to give them a room to bring out their imagination.

Add a sense of adventure to an adults bedroom. I love this wolf mural which makes the bedroom look as if it is in a fairytale.

Wall mural from Wallsauce

Would you use a wall mural in your room? Which one would you choose? Let me know below.

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5 responses to “Transforming your room with wall mural from Wallsauce”

  1. Anneka says:

    Fantastic post!! I’d love to be able to one day have a mural in my kitchen I can just imagine how amazing they look!

  2. Anca says:

    The wall murals look amazing. I had one before, in my home office. It was gorgeous, a forest. Now all my walls are white.

  3. I love the top picture, of the snowy forest – maybe that’s just because we’re heading into the colder months though? 🙂

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