Update your home with a throw

July 29, 2015

Do you ever get bored with your home decor? Every so often I want to give my home a new look without going to the trouble of redecorating. My husband redecorated our living room fairy recently and I love the new look. It is much fresher and cleaner than it used to be. Any redecorating job takes time and causes upheaval, furniture needs to be moved, paper laid on the floor to stop paint splashing and a paste table for wallpaper takes up room. One way that you can update your home on a budget is by using a throw. These add interest to a room by adding a splash of colour and texture. They are also incredibly useful when it gets colder as you can wrap them around yourself for warmth.

ThrowFor the last few days I have been using a throw from House of Fraser in different rooms around my home. The muted neutral colours work in several rooms in my home to add a spark of colour to the room. It adds a rustic feel and makes the room feel homely. The linea throw is made with a wool blend which makes it really soft to the touch as well as being lovely and warm. In fact the dog loves it and will often go to lie where it is placed.

ThrowI have used the throw to drape over my sofa which makes the seat look warm and inviting. It adds a colour accent to the room. If you have an eye for home décor you could co-ordinate the throw with matching cushions to create a fashionable and cosy look. Alternatively you could fold the throw and drape it over one arm of the sofa for a trendy and sophisticated look. The sort of look that is often seen in show homes but can never be recreated at home. You could also use a throw over the back of a chair, creating a casual cascade that looks cosy when you walk into a room.
The throw is not only useful in the living room but can also be used in the bedroom. I used it to cover the bed as a bed spread which make the room feel warm and inviting. You could also fold it and drape it along the bed to make a guest room look cosy and to bring out the colours in the bedding. If you have a headboard you can drape a throw over the headboard to add some fun colour to the plain board. The throw can be held in place using velcro.
A throw is not only useful indoors, it can be put to good use outdoors as well. Add a throw to deckchairs for an outdoor barbecue party to add a touch of colour and allow your guests to use them when the evening gets colder. They also make the ideal picnic rug as well for picnics in the garden or further afield.

Do you use throws in your home? How do you use them?

7 responses to “Update your home with a throw”

  1. It’s perfect with the picnic hamper, Ali!

  2. Corinne says:

    I NEED THIS! We’ve just moved house and our sofa is really grotty. The landlord wouldn’t even move it so we could get a new one! Doom.

    This is lovely and looks so soft 🙂

    Corinne x

  3. tanya says:

    It looks so soft!! I have been looking for a new throw for my living room couch 🙂

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