Vax Air Force 2 Reach Vacuum Cleaner

August 23, 2011

Some time ago I noticed on the Vax website that Vax were looking for vacuum cleaner testers. As I was really struggling with the vacuum cleaner I had I signed up and kept replying to their emails in the hope they would choose me to test a vacuum cleaner. A few days ago I learnt that I had been successful and was going to be sent a Vax Air Force 2 Reach Vacuum Cleaner to try out and review. Needless to say I was delighted and it arrived promptly.

I couldn’t wait to try it out. I took it out of its box and put it together. It was very easy to assemble, all I needed to do was to slot the handle into the top, untie the power cable and it was ready to go. The first thing I noticed was it was quite a bit heavier than my usual vacuum, this is due to the large capacity dust container. It holds 3 litres of dust which is a good thing but it puts the weight of the vacuum at 8.8 kg. This makes it heavy to lift but it is still very manoeuvrable and easy to push. The Vax uses multicylonic technology which separates the dirt from the air, ensuring that the dirt collects in the bag and not in the filters. It has HEPA filters which is good news for allergy sufferers and its antibacterial action will help reduce pet related allergens.

The height of the handle can be easily adjusted so that it is in a position to suit you with a simple button press. The vacuum can be easily angled backwards by just putting your foot on the base and pulling the handle backwards.  You can easily adjust the brush bar for carpets or hard floors by pushing a button on the top. If you are cleaning carpets you need the brush bar, if not you don’t.  Another useful feature is that on the front of the vacuum is a little green light, if this turns red it tells you that the brush bar is clogged up and you need to look at it.

I have to say this vacuum reallcleaned my living room floor I realised just how bad my old vacuum was. The amount of dust that appeared in the dust container was amazing! It managed to pick up small and larger bits with ease and my living room floor looked amazing.  Another bonus of this vacuum is that it comes with a 10 m power cord. This is great as I can clean all lots of floorspace without having to fiddle about moving from plug to plug.

The Vax comes with two tools which can be attached to the hose. These are a 3 in 1 tool, turbo tool and a flat upholstery tool.

To get the hose extension out you need to unplug it from one end of the machine, pull out the handle and attach it to the hose and then attach whatever tool you want to use. The flat upholstery tool is easy to take to bits so if you do get any bits jammed in it you can remove them.  The great thing about the hose is that it is 4.2 metres in length. This means I can start at the bottom of the stairs and get all the way up to the top of the stairs without having to perch the body of the vacuum half way up and keep one hand on it to prevent it falling down while I clean! This is fantastic, not to mention much safer.

When you want to clean the filters or empty the dust container, both are really easy to access and clean. The parts just pop on and off really easily. The dust container can just be emptied, one of the filters can be washed under a tap and the other just cleaned. For ease of maintenance it is great.

I love this vacuum, it gives a really fabulous clean and my floors have never looked so good. I am really happy with it and the extra long power cord, cleaning hose and larger dust container are all great pluses.

RRP £249


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