Vida Glow: Helping turn back time

January 22, 2016

Vida Glow marine collagen will help you turn back time and look more youthful. Take one every day and see the improvement.

Don’t you hate the way that your body starts to let you down as you get older. Inside you feel the same as you did when you were eighteen, ready to take on the world. It is only when you look in the mirror that you see the signs of age.

Fine wrinkles appear on the skin and you realise you must laugh too much. The odd grey hair sneaks onto your head and the next thing you know there are loads of them.

The reason the skin shows signs of age is down to collagen. Collagen is a protein produced by the body and it helps keep skin soft and supple. As we get older the amount of collagen produced by the body decreases which results in weakened nails, lackluster hair, fine lines, wrinkles and joint problems. All the signs of getting older.

Luckily the beauty industry has come up with several clever ideas to help replace the collagen in the body like Jivesse marine collagen cream which I tried recently.  The most effective way of replacing collagen in the body has got to be though a well formulated supplement. Recently I have been trying out Vida Glow which is a daily supplement which works with your body to help boost your collagen levels.

Vida Glow

Vida Glow Marine Collagen Sachets

Vida Glow claim that regular use of the sachets will help to reduce the signs of ageing, improving skin elasticity, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles and even reducing the appearance of cellulite. It has got to be worth a go, right? To aid in this process Vida Glow contains marine collagen, Acai, Green Tea and Hyaluronic Acid. Vida Glow is available in a number of different flavours, natural, blueberry, peach and pineapple. I tried the natural and the blueberry flavour. Blueberries are high in antioxidants and contain lots of vitamin C so will also help benefit your skin. Inside the box the Vida Glow comes in small sachets which contain powder. These can be added to water, food or smoothies. You can take between one and three sachets a day depending how damaged you feel your skin is.

Vida Glow
I really like the sachets, they are small and easy to slip into your handbag. This enables you to take them when you wish. Each box contains 30 3g sachets. The sachets contain a powder that can easily be sprinkled onto food. When added into water they dissolve really quickly and the taste is nice. The blueberry flavour does taste of blueberry and there is no hint of fish at all. I really did expect marine collagen to taste fishy, but it didn’t.

Vida Glow

Vida Glow

What do I think of Vida Glow?

I have been trying Vida Glow for just over a month, just taking a sachet a day. I have seen my hair get thicker, my nails are much stronger and do not break as easily. More importantly my skin feels and looks hydrated and visibly glowing. I have also seen a reduction in the fine lines that had started appearing. I am really impressed with Vida Glow and it is so easy to use and travel friendly as well.

Vida Glow costs £33.95  for 30 sachets and is available from their website  All four flavours are available and they ship worldwide.

I was sent some Vida Glow to try in return for an honest review. I was not obliged to say anything nice.

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  1. Galina V says:

    Lovely to hear that you had such great results, testing this product.

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