Viking Photography Masterclass with Elouisa Georgiou

July 17, 2018
Flatlay at the Botanist Newcastle

Attending the Viking Photography masterclass was a chance to get some photography tips from photographer Elousia Georgiou.

At the start of July I went along to a photography masterclass at the Botanist, Newcastle. The idea behind the evening was to give bloggers a chance to learn more about photography. It was also a chance to  ask any burning photography based questions.

Viking, a stationary and office supply company were the organisers of the evening. Elouisa Georgiou, a Leeds based photographer was sharing her tips and advice on how to improve our photography.

The Venue – The Botanist Newcastle

I must be one of the few people in Newcastle who has never been inside The Botanist, Newcastle before. You will find it just opposite the Monument. After going in the door and up a few stairs you will find yourself in a Botanical wonderland.  A tree grows up though the bar, the decor is green and peaceful with flowers on every side.

The photography masterclass took place on the terrace, which is very pretty with fairy lights and flowers. There is even an outside terrace with lovely views over Newcastle. It is a lovely venue for photography inspiration.

The Botanist Newcastle

The Botanist Newcastle

The Botanist Newcastle

The Botanist Newcastle

The Botanist Newcastle

The Botanist Newcastle

Photography masterclass

At the start of the evening Elouisa took us through the fundamentals of photography. Knowing how to change the shutter speed, aperture size and ISO on your camera allows you to get of auto mode and take better photographs. We were also given an insight into the exposure triangle.

The settings on every camera are different so you may need to check your camera manual to find out change these settings. Balancing all three of these will help give you a better photograph.

After explaining how a camera works we were given some top tips on how to improve our photography. We then got a chance put the tips into practice using lighting, shooting flat lays and food photography.

Top tips for taking photographs

Lighting tips


Flaylay photographs

Food, drink, product and still life photographs

Trying out the photography tips

We had ten minutes to try each activity, portraits, flatlays and still life. I didn’t get a chance to try portraits. Instead I used lighting creatively capturing the light shining though the glasses.  I also managed to do a couple of flatlays using the nibbles provided. It was fun trying out the different tips. You do need longer than ten minutes so I will need to practice at home.

When we had finished we were asked to choose our best shot to be printed out using the printers supplied by Viking. The photographs were judged and the best one took home a printer. All the shortlisted photographs were fab and the overall winner deserved it.

The botanist newcastle

The botanist newcastle

The botanist newcastle

Flatlay at the Botanist Newcastle


To finish the evening we were treated to a cocktail and a lovely spread of food from the Botanist. My cocktail is a raspberry disaronno sour. It comes in a teapot which gets poured out into a flowerpot with a great show of smoke. Very unusual and the perfect drink for a hot day.

Cocktails at the Botanist

Food at the Botanist

While the event was a little large I really enjoyed the evening and took away some great photography tips.  I will be putting them into practice in the coming days.

Many thanks to Viking, Elouisa and The Botanist for a lovely event. It was a great evening.

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7 responses to “Viking Photography Masterclass with Elouisa Georgiou”

  1. These are very interesting key points!

  2. Looks like a fab place – and that cocktail is amazing. Bizarre but amazing ! I will admit, I was thinking Norsemen when I read Viking so I was more than a little intrigued !! 😉 Lots of great tips too.

  3. Anca says:

    It seems you’ve had a wonderful time at the event. All the photography tips are great. I’ve went to a couple of photography sessions (at a blogging conference), and it did change the way I take pictures.
    Have fun with your photography! I can’t wait to see what you are going to photograph next. x

  4. Galina V says:

    What a lovely entertaining and educational evening, with useful tips. Which photo did you submit?

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