Visiting Kiehl’s Newcastle Boutique

June 7, 2017

Kiehl’s Newcastle Boutique store sells a lovely selection of skin care products. The company began as an old world apothecary in 1851 in New York and is now found all over the world.

I am a firm believer that if you look after your skin you can keep it looking youthful. My skin care regime began in my teens. I ensure I cleanse and moisturise daily.  I am sure this has made all the difference to the way my skin looks today. Recently I made a visit to Kiehl’s Newcastle Boutique for an evening event. This is the second beauty event I have been to recently. The other was the launch of the Urban Decay Jean Michel Basquiat range.

Kiehl’s Newcastle Boutique is on Blackett Street in the centre of the city, near to Grey’s Monument. I have always found Kiehl’s intriguing, with it’s skeleton in the window, but have never been in. I was looking forward to finding out more about their products.

Kiehl’s Newcastle Boutique

Kiehl’s Newcastle Boutique is a mix of modern products and old apothecary style. The firm began in New York as an apothecary 160 years ago. In 1851 they were dispensing medicine to the people of the East Village. In the 1920’s they began to their own develop skin care lines in the 1920’s. Today Kiehl’s are known for a number of cult products. The skeleton in the window, Mr Bones, is a tribute to Kiehl’s origins. He signifies the research into chemistry, pharmacology and medicine. While he is a perfect replica skeleton he is not made of real human bones. He does add a quirky touch to the store entrance

Mr Bones in Kiehl's Newcastle

The Alchemist Newcastle

On entering the store The Alchemist greeted us with a cheeky cocktail. The Alchemist are a new addition to the food and drink scene in Newcastle. They can be found in the new Grey’s Quarter in Eldon Square. It is one of those places that is on my list to go and visit soon.

The making of the pink frothy bubble bath cocktail was a showy affair involving lots of frothing and bubbles. The end result was delicious, reminiscent of candy floss. The cocktail contains gin, Chambord and Aperol with apple and some secret ingredients. Having made an aperol spritz before I should have realised that was one of the ingredients.  Kiehl’s also got a lovely cake to go along with the cocktail.

The Alchemist at Kiehl's Newcastle

The Alchemist at Kiehls, Newcastle

The Alchemist at Kiehls Newcastle

Cake at Kiehls, Newcastle

Kiehl’s Products

After enjoying cake and a cocktail I had a look round the store. Kiehl’s consultants were on hand to give a skin care consultation. They test your skin with little pads to find out what type of skin you have. The pads measure the amount of oil in your skin. My skin is dry.

The store is cleverly set out in sections which put together all the products for one skin type. This makes it super easy to see all the relevant products and to pick up something that might be suitable. Each of the products has information beside them so you can easily find out what they do.  There is even a section for men. The Kiehl’s consultants are super helpful and recommend products to try.

I love the mix of sleek modern shelves with quirky old fashioned touches beside them. Sleek skin care jars are stand along side old style apothecary bottles. Models of biplanes and old style pharmaceutical adverts line the walls along with photos from the time Kiehl’s began.  It gives the store a quirky and welcoming feel.

Kiehls skincare

Kiehl's Newcastle Boutique

Kiehsl NEwcastle Boutique

Kiehls Newcastle Boutique

Kiehls Newcastle boutique

I left with a bunch of skincare samples to try out. So far I have tried the Rosa Arctica Lightweight Cream. This is a moisturiser that contains “Resurrection Flower”. It is meant to help stop the signs of ageing  and it works really well. My skin looks much firmer with less fine lines. I am sure I will be popping back into Kiehl’s Newcastle Boutique soon.

Thanks to Kiehl’s for a lovely night.

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