The WISP Broom – Whisk Away Pet Hair

July 12, 2017

The WISP broom is a great way to whisk away pet hair quickly and easily. The electrostatic bristles grab hold of dust and hair making your room clean.

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When you are a busy working mum housework often takes a back seat. Getting in from work you are often tired. Cooking and clearing up after dinner can often be as much as you can manage. Housework tends to get left to the weekend when there are many other chores to do like shopping.

I am always looking for ways to get housework done more quickly and efficiently.  Recently I have been trying out the WISPsystem. The WISP cleaning set is an innovative one handed broom, dustpan and hanger perfect for cleaning the home.

The Wisp Broom

The Wisp Broom

The WISPsystem is the brain child of golf enthusiast Eben Dobson. After creating the worlds first golf course broom he knew he was on to something when people kept borrowing it to use at home. The secret was in the bristles. The electrostatic polymer bristles would capture pet hair, glass and dust like nothing else. The WISPsystem takes the unique features of this broom and puts them into a product ideal for home use.

What are the features of the WISPsystem?

The WISPsystem features the WISP broom and dustpan. These clip together and interlink for easy storage. The entire system has a special hanger so you can easily put it away in a cupboard. The main features of the WISP are:


Everything about the WISP says ease of use. The telescoping handle allows you to adjust the broom for your height and to put it away for easy storage. It extends from 21″ to 52″ by a simple rotation of the handle. The shape of the broom allows you to clean easily with one hand. You can also use the brush to clean tiled walls and louvre doors which it tackles with ease. The electrostatic bristles attract and grab pet hair, dust and debris from floors and carpets.

Most useful for me is the dustpan. The design allows you to step on it gently creating a floor to pan seal. You can then sweep the dust into the pan without having to bend over.  This is ideal if you have back problems. The side of the dustpan has little slots to help to clean the brush after use.

What did I think of the WISP?

I found the WISP really easy to use. I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and while he is adorable, he does leave hair all over. The tiled floor in the bathroom is very quick to show pet hair. When using the WISP on this floor it all the pet hair was quickly and efficiently removed. The difference was impressive. The WISP also made it really easy to clean the doors on the bathroom cupboard. These are louvre doors and trap a lot of dust. One brush with the WISP and it was gone.

The fact that you can use the dustpan with your foot is really good. There is nothing worse than having to bend over to try and get dust into the dustpan. The design of this system allows you to quickly sweep the dust away with no bending.

WISP dustpan and brush

The WISP is really easy to store away. The whole system clips together easily and the handle telescopes in for easy storage. The WISP comes with a sticky pad so you can easily hook it onto the wall. Just make sure you check that the system will fit into place before you stick the pad down. Once it sticks it is not so easy to remove so get it right first time. Overall I found the WISP really easy to use and much more efficient than a dustpan and brush.

Where can I buy the WISPSystem?

The WISPsystem (RRP £29.95)  is available from the WISP website and can also be bought from Amazon. It comes in four colours, blue, grey, purple and red. A miniWISP (RRP £22.95) is also available. This is more like a dustpan and brush and ideal for cars or camping.

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Have you tried the WISP? Do you think it would make cleaning easier? Let me know below.

WISPSystem - an efficient cleaning sytem which gets rid of pet hair quickly

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