The Lightning Clock

September 19, 2010

Yesterday we visited Royal Quays. Most of you compers out there will know this as a shopping outlet near North Shields which runs competitions. It is shopping centre with a number of outlet stores for Marks and Spencer’s, Next etc. What you may not know is that is also home to the Lightning Clock.

The clock is a statue by Andy Plant. It doesn’t look like anything special, there are two round balls one with a clock with a small man standing on the top and a larger one just in front of it that does not seem to do anything. At the base you will find instruments measuring the temperature, wind speed and wind direction and barometric pressure.

However on the stroke of the hour things change. The sound of thunder is heard from inside the large ball. Suddenly the face of the North wind, with his eyes rolling starts to appear. The storm gets louder and louder and suddenly there is a large gust of wind and smoke from the North Wind which causes the weather man to float into the air.  Calm then returns and the face rotates away.

When Andrew was in nursery they decided it would be a good idea to take all the kids to see this clock. Unfortunately it all ended in tears, the kids were all terrified!

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