4 Surprising Home Improvements Inspired By The Lockdown

June 9, 2020

The lockdown has encouraged a lot of homeowners to start home improvement projects. Naturally, when you are stuck at home, it’s expected to want to make the situation as comfortable as possible. For many homeowners, home improvement in lockdown plays a crucial role in maintaining their wellbeing and mental health. However, you would be wrong to assume that the most common projects include painting walls or improving the insulation in the bathroom. In reality, British homeowners have been very creative during the lockdown and have seized the opportunity to transform their interior decor radically. Here are the four most common home improvement works that families have been planning during the lockdown. Some projects, understandably, have had to be postponed to a later time when it is safe again to have builders indoors. 

Garden hot tub

A luxury decking area

Now’s the best time to look after the garden area. But most households have chosen to let go of the lawn to transform the garden into an outdoor entertainment room. B&Q and Wickes have registered record sales for decking, patio, and outdoor furniture. You’ll even find that some products, such as hot tubs for sale have been trending for several weeks now, despite the fluctuating weather. Why are they so popular? Because they can give you a taste of vacation from the comfort and safety of your backyard. 

A conservatory that brings nature indoors 

This is a project that some households were pleased to have started before the lockdown: adding a conservatory. Many have come to realise that a conservatory would be the perfect extension to the living room under lockdown. Unfortunately, building companies have had to slow down non-essential projects during the pandemic. Therefore, many households are still in discussion with builders to decide on the best type of conservatory to install in their homes, once it’s safe to do so. A conservatory gives you plenty of light and greenery, which can give your family the mood boost they need! 

A home gym

Your favourite gym has had to shut down during the pandemic. There is so much you can do with home workouts. So it comes as a surprise to nobody that so many households have sorted creating their gym studio. The garage, which is typically left cramped with clutter, can become the perfect training space. Garages are built to sustain heavy loads, which makes them ideal for gym equipment. Besides, the cool environment reduces the risk of mould spreading. A weight bench is a neat addition that keeps you fit and builds up strength. If you have sufficient space, you can also add a second-hand treadmill or an indoor bike – which can be bought on eBay. 

Exercise bike with ladies legs shown riding it in a garage

A better equipped kitchen

The lockdown has revived our interest in baking and cooking. The kitchen you thought was sufficient for your needs now feels inadequate. Households have purchased additional kitchen appliances and utensils, such as high quality non-stick pans or a powerful food processor. Kitchen improvements tend to focus on replacing appliances, decluttering, and adding more storage areas to embrace your lockdown cooking hobby! 

Homeowners have used the lockdown to make their home an entertaining environment, whether they need a fitness nook or a relaxing outdoor lounge. With a focus on having fun and creating a space that keeps the family busy, lockdown improvement projects bring your home to the next level of pleasure. 

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