How to Meal Plan like a Boss

April 20, 2020

Wondering how to meal plan? This simple guide with printable meal planning templates will have you meal planning like a boss in no time.

Are you looking for the answer to the eternal question, “What’s for dinner”? Meal planning will help you answer this on a weekly basis. Find out how to start meal planning with easy printable meal planning templates to help you begin.

How to meal plan like a boss

Read on for the ultimate guide on what meal planning is, how to get started, how to go shopping and print out templates to help you.

What is meal planning?

Meal planning is simply planning your meals in advance. It makes life simpler as you know what to buy when you go shopping and you know ahead of time what you are making for dinner. This saves both time and money and prevents unnecessary trips to the shops.

In these uncertain times popping out to the shop is difficult and it can be impossible to get a delivery slot. Meal planning will help get all your food for a week or more in one shopping trip. It uses up ingredients you already have in and prevents food waste. Any leftovers can be used for lunch the next day or frozen for a different day. Leftover vegetables make a great soup.

Northumberland ham broth

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Why meal plan?

Meal planning in advance helps you:

If you are wondering where to start and what to put on your meal plan, this meal planning guide with printable templates will help you begin.

Points to consider when meal planning

To make your meal plan successful you should consider the following points:

Gado Gado salad in a plate

Here is a quick look at our five step meal planning process:

  1. Pick your meal planning day.
  2. Take your food inventory
  3. Plan your meals.
  4. Make your shopping lists and shop
  5. Do the preparation

Get into the habit of meal planning for the week!

Worried about how to get started? Don’t … I’ll walk you through it.

Step 1: Pick your meal planning day

You will need to set aside some time to meal plan. Allow a few hours the first time you do it. The next time it will be quicker.

What day you pick depends on your routine. Most families have some down time and a time for shopping.

I like to meal plan on a Friday night or early Saturday morning. This allows me to go shopping on Saturday and prep on a Sunday. I then have meals I can get ready quickly during the working week.

You will know what time will work best for you.

Quick Tip: If you have older kids, let them help with meal planning and suggest some meal ideas. If you have younger children, wait until they are asleep before meal planning. Just make sure that you use the time to plan for 7 days.

Step 2: Take a food inventory

Before you start your meal plan for the week find out what you already have in your cupboards, fridge and freezer.

Now you know what you have in you can start planing meals which use the ingredients you have. It also prevents you getting duplicates so you no longer end up with five bags of flour in the cupboard.

Why not use my printable inventory templates to get started? You can pin them to the fridge with magnets so you know exactly what you have in.

Kitchen Inventory Templates to print out

Step 3: Plan your meals

Do you have ingredients on hand that can be used for this week’s meal plan? Is there anything you need to use before it goes off? Do you have any leftovers that you can include in your meal plan or need to freeze for another week? Start with these and include the recipes in your meal plan.

Now you can fill in the gaps in the plan, choose a mix of family favourite recipes and new recipes you want to try. Write these into your plan. Remember to include leftovers to use them up and snacks.

Don’t forget to take account of the weather. You want to choose food appropriate for the season.

Why not try these printable meal planning templates to help you start? You can start your plan on a Saturday or a Monday, whichever works best for you.

weekly meal planning templates

Where do I find recipes?

Recipes are everywhere:

You don’t have to create new recipes every week. Stick with tried and tested family favourites and mix them up with a couple of new things.

Step 4: Make your shopping list

Now it is time to plan your shopping trip. You need to prepare to get everything in one trip which takes a little organisation.

First go through all the recipes and make a master ingredient list. Some recipes will use the same ingredients so make a note of the total amount you need to buy.

Once you have all the recipe ingredients add in snacks, bread, milk and other essentials. Don’t forget to add cleaning stuff, toothpaste, pet food and other essentials. I have a need to buy list on my fridge. When I run out of something I add it to this list and this ensures I add it to my shopping list.

Now you have your master list compare it with your inventory and cross off anything you already have in.

Finally write your shopping list. Put everything left on your master list on here as well as anything on your need to buy list. Group what you need to buy by department so you don’t miss anything when you go to the shops.

Now it is time to go shopping. Don’t forget your list!

You might like to use these printable shopping list templates.

Printable shopping list templates so you get everything you need when you go to the shops

Step 5: Do your preparation.

When you plan your recipes for the week you will notice that many recipes use the same ingredients. Why not save time and prepare these in advance?

Taking care of all the preparation is a huge time saver. See how much you of each ingredient you need for each recipe. Chop, slice and dice for the week and pop the ingredients into bags or casserole dishes.

Any meats you are using can be marinated ahead of time which will improve the flavour. Just make sure you store it all correctly.

Recipes like meatloaf and Mexican chilli beef can be mixed and put in a casserole dish ahead of time. All you need to do at dinner time is preheat the oven.

Even better you could cook some meals in advance. At dinner time you just need to reheat them. Spaghetti bolognese and beef nachos are great for this. Make the mince in advance and the meal can be made really fast.

How long does food last?

Make sure you are following food safety tips when preparing and storing your food. Remember you can freeze food after preparation if you want to keep it for later in the week.

Also keep an eye on how long food lasts. Look at the best before and use by dates and use the soonest ones first.

Here is a quick guide to how long food lasts:

Let’s look at what we have learnt.

We have learnt that meal planning will take a little time. You need time to:

In the long run meal planning is worth it. It will save you time and money and will prevent you from having to pop out to the shops if you forget something. You can have a home cooked meal every night while spending less time in the kitchen. What is not to like?

Meal planning is flexible so you can deviate from the plan if you fancy a takeaway. You can just have the planned meal another night or freeze for next week.

Do you meal plan? Let me know your tips below.

Simple steps to help you meal plan for a week

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