Bank holiday party planning checklist

April 29, 2016
Pulled pork with BBQ sauce

Are you planning a party for the bank holiday? This bank holiday planning checklist will make sure have a party to remember.

It is hard to believe it is nearly May, this year seems to be whizzing past so quickly. May is a great month for bank holidays, there are two. The May Day Bank holiday on Monday and one at the end of the month.

The weather should be starting to warm up. I say should because the last few days it has not been able to make up it’s mind. It varies from snow to sun to hail and back again.

May also has the Mexican festival, Cinque de Mayo, so there are plenty of excuses for hosting a party. To ensure a party runs smoothly it is always a good idea to put together a party planning checklist and I have provided one of these further down.

Party food

Two things that are essential at a party are food and music. Food should be easy to make in advance so that you do not need to rush on the day.

Slow cooked pulled pork with barbecue sauce is a great recipe for a party. The pork can be cooked in advance and served on a plate with rolls. It is also easy to eat from a party plate. If you are like cooking something more adventurous pulled duck would also work well.

Pulled pork with BBQ sauce

If you fancy more of a Mexican theme how about serving hot doguerous? The sausages could be cooked on a barbecue and guests can help themselves to tortilla wraps, hot coleslaw and lime salsa. Chips with dips are always essential at parties. It is easy to make your own dips like guacamole.


Salad is always great as a side dish and this Indonesian Gado Gado salad is simple to make. The sauce is really tasty and it is bound to be a hit with your guests.

Indonesian Gado Gado salad

Music playlist

Music is always an essential part of any party and it is good to put together a playlist ahead of time. These days with digital music it is easy to have music playing continuously without having to stop and change the track.

Bluetooth speakers are great as you can take them outside or into any room you require. I have recently been trying out this Plasma Ball Bluetooth Speaker which is one of a range of quirky products from Liberty Trading. The plasma light dances to the rhythm of the music and it would be a talking point at any party.


It does need to be connected to a phone or laptop in order to work but it is great fun.

Bank holiday party planning checklist

I have put together this bank holiday party planning checklist to help you plan a party that will go smoothly and make sure you do not forget anything on the day.

In advance

A few days before

On the day

And one final thing, enjoy the party. Do you have any tips that help make your parties go smoothly? I would love to know, let me know below.

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  1. Suze - Luxury Columnist says:

    The hotdogueros looks very tasty, but the pulled pork would be my favourite. Pulled duck sounds great too! Hope you’re having a lovely BH weekend

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