5 Great Ways To Enjoy Your Small Garden

August 2, 2019
A small patio garden

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Now that summer is well and truly here, there is no better time to enjoy your outdoor spaces. If you have a garden, then you should look at making the most of it while you still can. Often, when you only have a small garden, there might not be the inclination to want to get outside and make use of it. It may feel dull, or claustrophobic. However there are plenty of things that you can do to make it feel like a little oasis.

When To Enjoy It

Firstly, the way to get the most out of your garden is to know where the sun is at certain times of the day. If you’re very lucky, you’ll get lots of sun all day long. But in honesty, you are likely to get better sun for just a part of the day.

If you’re a sun catcher, this will let you know when you need to be out there. If you’re a shade bather, then finding the coolest time of the day is best, unless you buy a large parasol.

Attracting Wildlife In

There is nothing more relaxing than watching birds feeding in your garden. If you set up a few different feeding stations, and fill them with various types of bird food, you will find that you will attract all types of birds to your garden. Make sure you put seed out regularly, and they will keep visiting you. You can hang feeders from trees, or buy free-standing tables or perches.

If your garden gets occasional visits from hedgehogs, why not leave some food and water out for them? 

Get Some Greenery

Your garden needs some green. If it’s limited in size, you may not even have the space to grow a lawn. Get a variety of low maintenance evergreen plants and bushes that can be kept in pots. Think about how big a plant will grow, if you’re space is limited then you don’t want one big plant suffocating all of the others. ‘

If you want the illusion of a lawn, without the hassle, and in a limited space, why not look at fake grass? Having an artificial lawn can give you a lot more colour in quite a drab space.

Paint The Walls

Giving your walls and fences a nice coat of bright masonry paint can really make a space seem vibrant and interesting.

Evening Entertaining

This time of year it can be really lovely to spend your evenings relaxing in the garden with a meal and a glass of wine. Maybe you want friends around for a barbecue. However you plan on spending your evenings in the garden, you should look at getting some outdoor solar-powered lights.

There are plenty of inexpensive sets of lights available at most garden centres, and plenty of supermarkets stock them during this time of year.

The perfect end to a day can be sitting and watching the sun go down as your solar lights begin to light up. It can be very serene and beautiful.

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