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March 10, 2016
Beefeater Surf & Turf

As a family we like to eat out at least once a month. It is always nice to have a meal cooked for you and to sit together and chat. Normally we go to our local Sizzling Pub or Brewers Fayre as they are close to home and good value. Recently we got invited to try the Beefeater Spring menu. New dishes have been added to the menu, from starters like sharing potato dippers to main courses like surf and turf and even a range of new desserts. The salted toffee apple crumble and mixed fruit trifle look amazing. Yesterday we braved a wet and windy evening to go to our local Beefeater at Moor Farm.

Beefeater Moor Farm

The Moor Farm Beefeater is really easy to find, it is just off the A19 on the road to Annitsford. There is plenty of parking and it is situated right next door to a Premier Inn. When we arrived we were quickly shown to our table and given the chance to look at the menu whilst we had a drink.


The seats were comfortable and there was plenty of room inside. The people eating were spaced out well so you didn’t feel like you were sitting on top of each other. You were given plenty of time to choose your meal and didn’t feel rushed.


Beefeater Spring Menu

I found it very difficult to choose, there were a number of menu options that caught my eye. For the Spring a number of lighter options have been added to the menu which is great if you are watching your weight. I really liked the look of the Beefeater Ultimate Steak Salad which is chargrilled flat iron steak tossed with a lovely looking mixed salad. I also debated about the chicken, bacon and avocado burger which sounded like a nice option. In the end I decided as it was a Beefeater I should have steak and opted for the Surf & Turf which is new on the Spring menu.

 Surf & Turf from the Beefeater Spring Menu

Surf & Turf is one of those classic menu items that I love. A juicy 8 oz sirloin steak was served with three half shell king prawns cooked in a delicious garlic butter. It was served with chips, you could choose plain or spicy chips, a grilled mushroom, grilled tomato and a serving of salad. The steak was cooked to perfection and meltingly tender, a lovely choice. My husband went for a 10 oz rump steak which was again paired with chips, salad and a grilled mushroom and tomato. He enjoyed his meal but felt that he should have asked for the steak to be cooked medium well instead of medium. The rump steak was a little rarer than he liked but he still enjoyed it. He also ordered some peppercorn sauce with it which was delicious.

My son took a while making a decision and finally opted for the Double Bacon and Cheese Steak Burger. This was pronounced delicious and disappeared in double quick time.

Beefeater Double Bacon and Cheese Steakburger

Whilst I did fancy a pudding when I arrived after eating the main I was full and did not have room for one. It is a shame as the new Spring menu puddings look lovely. The Beefeater Spring menu has lots of choice including more salads and lovely dessert choices. For a meal out with the family it makes the perfect choice. It was a little more expensive than our usual choices but the food is good quality and you do get plenty to eat. They also have a reward scheme so if you eat there often you can collect points.

Beefeater Moor Farm

I received a voucher as part payment for the food in return for an honest review. I was not obliged to say anything nice.

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14 responses to “Beefeater Spring Menu”

  1. Oh the moor farm is 2 minutes from my house – I will have to check their new menu out. I love surf and turf too!

  2. I live within walking distance of here and visited last week for the first time in ages. My partner got that burger too and demolished it , your meals all look amazing ! I wish I had if tried more of the menu as we just visited for a quick lunch xx

  3. We have a Beefeater less than a minute from where we live and its good to know they have a new menu out. The surf and turf dish looks delicious. Must take a visit to our local one very soon to try out the new menu x

  4. I’ve just been today! Lovely meal.

  5. Hmmm that all sounds delicious. Love the fact that they’ve added some lighter options. The steak salad sounds great.

  6. We had a Beefeater in the town that I grew up in, so we went there all the time as a family. Sadly there isn’t one near me where I live now.

  7. Galina V says:

    It looks spacious. Nice not to sit too close to the other tables and hear all the conversations. Lovely choice of meals!

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