Best gifts you only see at Christmas

October 21, 2019

There are some things you can only get at Christmas. These are some of the best gifts that you will only find at this time of year.

Christmas is on the way. Have you started thinking about it yet? I am starting to write my Christmas gift lists to try and get ahead. I always find this is a good way to start planning.

While doing this it struck me how many gifts suddenly appear at Christmas that are not available at any other time. I have put together a list of these to give you some ideas for Christmas gifts.

christmas candles and labels on a table with a pen
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Best gifts that you only see at Christmas

Christmas Chocolates

Christmas would not be Christmas without Christmas chocolates. In the run up to Christmas all sorts of mouth watering selections appear in the shops. From big tubs of chocolates to share in front of a Christmas movie to large boxes of chocolates which make a great gift for a special someone. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t appreciate chocolate.

Cooking kits

I love the way different cooking kits pop up at Christmas. These vary from combinations of pans with cooking sauces to selections of flavoured vinegars and oils to make salad dressings with. These are great ideas for someone who loves cooking. It gives them a chance to try something new.

Hot Chocolate Kits

Photo by Drew Coffman on Unsplash

Is there anything nicer than a steaming hot chocolate with marshmallows at Christmas? At this time of the year you can get set with a mug, hot chocolate and marshmallows. These make a great stocking filler and the mugs are often really quirky.

Perfume Sets

Everyone has a favourite scent. At Christmas you find that perfume sets are available. This usually have the perfume and some other extras like a scented body lotion. They make a great gift and look like you have spent a lot of time choosing.

DVD Box Sets

You can get DVD box sets all year round but at Christmas lots of new series are available. Christmas is a great time for catching up on all the programs you have been recording during the year. Why not get your loved one that series they wanted to watch and have a binge watch to catch up?

Home made Gifts

chocolate orange hearts

You can’t buy these but a home made gift really shows that you have put time and effort in for the person. Home made jams and chutneys in pretty jars make great gifts. You could even make cakes or try making some home made chocolates.

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Are there any other gifts you would add to the list? Let me know below.

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  1. Galina V says:

    Lovely selection of seasonal gifts. I enjoy looking at all the Christmas gifts, and choosing what to get for my family and friends.

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