Popping into Crêpeaffaire for a bite to eat

November 21, 2017
banalicious crepe from Crepeaffaire

Crêpeaffaire is a place where you can indulge your crepe craving. Sweet or savoury crepes are made to order with the toppings you want. Why not pop in and enjoy one today?

I love to have a wander around Newcastle city centre, especially at this time of year. The Christmas lights are on and the Christmas markets are in place around the Monument. It seems that every time I go into town there is something new. In the last year intu Eldon Square have made over Greys Quarter. This is now jam packed with restaurants so you can grab a bite to eat whilst out shopping.  There is plenty of choice so you are bound to find something that you will like.

Recently I went along  with my son to Crêpeaffaire to try out their new luxury indulgent collection. Crêpeaffaire is at at 8 Greys Quarter, Eldon Square.  They have a wide range of super indulgent crêpes and waffles. Enjoy these with a milkshake for a lovely afternoon treat.

Crepeaffaire Newcastle

Launch of the Crêpeaffaire  Luxury Indulgent Collection

Recently Crêpeaffaire have launched their new luxury indulgent collection. Find these across a selection of their 14 UK locations. This selection of luxury crêpes will get your taste buds tingling.  Choose from:

These new additions come with your choice of ice cream or cream. The normal menu is still available so you have plenty of choice.

Crêpeaffaire are also introducing an assortment of luxury shakes. Choose from the following:


Ordering at Crêpeaffaire

Crêpeaffaire is found on the bottom floor of Grey’s Quarter. It is really handy for the Christmas markets near to Monument. At Crêpeaffaire you can order to eat in or take out. We got into the take out line first before realising we were in the wrong place.  Once we were in the right queue service was quick and with a smile. Menus are set out on the counter. Once you have chosen what you want you pay, take a table number and choose a seat. As soon as the food is ready it is brought to you.

There is a  choice of seating. There are tables that sit four or you can sit at a long bench with a view of the shopping street. We chose to sit at the bench. The decor is what I would describe as industrial quirky. Bright neon lights and glistening metal alongside crepe pans and colourful pictures. There is plenty to look at while you wait.  The atmosphere is welcoming and friendly and you do not feel rushed. My only complaint is that it was a little too warm. This is a common problem in many shopping centres over the winter. The crowds of people Christmas shopping and  central heating can make things uncomfortable.

Crepeaffaire Newcastle Eldon Square

Crepeaffaire newcastle

Crepeaffare Newcastle

Crepeaffaire Newcastle

Our food

There are times when you just look at a menu and there is so much to choose from you find it hard to decide. This was one of those times. As well as the luxury indulgent crepes there is a range of sweet or savoury crepes and breakfast crepes. If any of these don’t tempt you then you can create your own crepe by picking different toppings. Finally we made our choices.


My son went for the Bananalicious which is banana with your choice of chocolate, nutella or butterscotch sauce with cream or ice cream. (£4.95 to take out, £5.95 to eat in).  I chose chicken supreme, a savoury option. This is marinated pulled chicken with mushrooms, spinach, tomato, cheese and bbq sauces. (£6.00 to take out, £7.25 to eat in).  I didn’t manage to taste my son’s crepe (he assured me I wouldn’t like it as disappeared quickly) but he said it was delicious. My chicken supreme was lovely. The crepe was soft and perfectly complemented the filling. I did not taste the bbq sauce but the chicken, cheese and tomato works well with the spinach to make a tasty meal.

banalicious crepe from Crepeaffaire

chicken supreme crepe from crepeaffaire

chicken supreme crepe from crepeaffaire


As well as milkshakes Crepeaffaire does a range of coffees, hot chocolate, tea, juices and soft drinks.  I had a cup of tea which came in a pot with enough for a couple of cups. Shopping can be thirsty work and large pots of tea are always welcome. Between us we also chose a couple of milkshakes. My son had the Oreo shake which looks really indulgent with its cream topping with splashes of caramel and oreo cookie. I went for the apple crumble shake which was lovely. It has a hint of apple which blends really well with the cream. We both though the shakes were delicious. My son’s only complaint was he would have liked a wider straw. He found it hard to suck up the cookie ice cream though the thin straw, but did manage it in the end.

Pot of tea at crepe affaire

oreo milkshake at crepeaffaire

Apple crumble milkshake from Crepeaffarie

Happy Birthday Crêpeaffaire

This week is Crêpeaffaire Newcastle’s first birthday week. To celebrate the store are randomly handing out 10 free creep vouchers a day to purchasing customers. On the 23rd November all customers who purchase a crepe after 5pm will receive a glass of Prosecco on the house. Why not pop along and celebrate with them?

Happy birthday crepeaffaire

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Popping into crepeaffaire Newcastle for a bite to eat. We enjoyed indulgent crepes and milkshakes

The meal was complementary. All thoughts and opinions are honest and my own

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  1. That all looks delicious – love the milkshake presentations. And who could say no to a free glass of prosecco with a crepe? 🙂

  2. Anton says:

    As an extreme Crepe eater, I feel as though Crêpeaffaire would be a heaven for me. Looks great, amazing pictures.

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