Fenwick’s Christmas Windows, Dropping Hints and Portmeirion Mugs

December 21, 2015
FFFenwicks Christmas windows

What were Fenwick’s Christmas windows 2015? Visiting the windows heralds the start of Christmas and is a big tradition in Newcastle.

Are you ready for Christmas? I feel I am miles behind this year, being ill and flying to Belfast has meant I am not as organized as normal. I did manage to visit the Christmas markets in Belfast while I was there.

One of our Christmas traditions in Newcastle is visiting Fenwick’s windows. Every year they have an amazing display. The windows are animated, music plays and every year the theme is different. There are always queues by the window on Northumberland Street waiting to view it. We normally manage to go and see the windows in late November.

I have lovely memories of taking my son in his pushchair and he was always amazed. Now he is fifteen he is not so happy to stand in a queue to view them but I managed to persuade him he had to. I finally got to see this years windows. This year poor Santa crashes into Fenwick’s and the elves have to work hard to rescue him. It is as well done as usual and it is lovely to see the faces on the little ones as they move from window to window, fascinated. I managed to take some pictures which give you a good idea of the display.

Fenwick’s Christmas Windows 2015

Fenwicks Christmas windows

FFenwicks Christmas windows

FFenwicks Christmas windows

FFFenwicks Christmas windows

FFFenwicks Christmas windows

FFenwicks Christmas windows

FFenwicks Christmas windows

FFFenwicks Christmas windows

Fenwicks-9Fortunately the elves saved the day and Santa managed to get on his way again. Have you seen Fenwick’s windows this year? Do you have something similar where you live?

Why not have a look at past and previous Fenwick’s Christmas windows?

Dropping Hints

Have you ever spent ages dropping hints to your other half to tell them what you want for Christmas only to get it totally ignored? This year Currys & PC World came to my aid and arranged for me to drop a hint to my husband on signs on Blackett Street. All I had to do was get him there and see if he noticed. Walking along the street we found signs with my hint on.

Alison's HintNeedless to say he was quite surprised, now I just need to see if it works. Thanks to Currys & PC World for arranging a subtle hint for me. I would love a nutribullet, it really does look a great way to make gorgeous smoothies.

Portmeirion mugs

When I got home I was surprised to find a lovely Christmas gift from Portmeirion. They had sent me this gorgeous mug and coaster which is part of their limited edition Ted Baker Collection.

Ted Baker PortmeirionThe design has been inspired by Ted Baker’s Autumn and Winter 2015 collection, Shadow Floral and Technicolour Bloom. I love the gorgeous colour in the mug, the deep purple blooms look opulent and I can enjoy a cup of tea with some style.

Ted Baker PortmeirionI have always been a big fan of Portmeirion pottery. My Aunt lives in Stoke on Trent and as a result I have several items from their Botanics collection. I used these in my photos when I made biscuits from edible flowers. I am loving this mug and the matching coaster is a really nice touch allowing you to rest the mug on a wooden table without fear of staining it.  The mugs are available in John Lewis and House of Fraser or you can get them online at www.portmeirion.co.uk

Are you ready for Christmas yet or do you still have things to do?

8 responses to “Fenwick’s Christmas Windows, Dropping Hints and Portmeirion Mugs”

  1. That sign is brilliant! Fortunately I’ve no need to drop hints this year but I hope it works for you!

  2. The window display looks great and I love the not-so-subtle hint-dropping – fab marketing idea !!

  3. lucie says:

    What a beautiful mug! I used to live 15 miles away from stoke-on-trent and think I recognise Portmeirion pottery! Small world!

  4. Galina V says:

    Fab festive window displays! Love Portmeirion, always trying to enter their comps on Twitter, but unsuccessfully.

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