Freshpet Dog Food Review

March 23, 2018
King Charles Spaniel in patio

Freshpet dog food is dog food made from fresh ingredients to give your dog the best food possible. It is similar to giving your dog a home cooked meal.

You can find it in the fridge in supermakets. My dog recently tried out Freshpet dog food. Read on to find out how he got on.

If you own a pet you know that they are very much part of the family. Their routines become part of your lives and you look forward to them greeting you if you have been out. An important part of keeping your pet healthy is their diet. You want to feed them the best possible food so they will stay in the best of health.

My dog, Eddie, is a very fussy eater. He is on a low fat diet as he previously had a problem with pancreatitis. It was horrible to see him when he was ill. He was hospitalised overnight and just lay there looking sad. He still managed a wag of his tail when he saw us though.

We have been very careful with his food ever since. Currently he is on a diet of chicken and pasta as he refuses to eat any of the low fat dog foods on the market. When Freshpet got in touch to tell us about their food I was happy for him to try it.

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King Charles Spaniel in patio

What is Freshpet Dog Food?

Freshpet dog food is fresh dog food. The recipes are made from chicken, turkey, fruits and vegetables which are gently steamed at low temperatures. The food is fresh so needs to be kept in the fridge. The food does not include any artificial additives or preservatives and the main ingredient is meat.

Fresh pet food is meant to be beneficial to your dog in a number of ways. It is easier for your pet to digest. The grain free food is perfect if your dog has allergies and the fresh meat is good for their fur and skin. If your dog is a fussy eater the fresh food is more likely to appeal.

What varieties are available?

Freshpet dog food comes in two different sizes. The first size is a 794g bag of bite sized nibbles. (RRP £8.00) The flavours are:

Freshpet dog food

The second size is a 350g tube (RRP £4.50) which comes in the following flavours:

Freshpet dog food

Where can you buy Freshpet dog food?

Freshpet dog food can be found in large Asda and Tesco stores. It is kept in a refrigerator in the pet food section.  Not all stores stock it but there is a store locator on the Freshpet website to help you find it. It was not available in my nearest Asda but we found it in one which was not to far away.

Trying out Freshpet dog food

Eddie tried out the bag of grain free tender chicken bites. These come in a bag with a resealable strip which makes them easy to keep in the fridge. The food is a bit like dried dog food to look at but much softer in consistency and with a nice smell.

Eddie was a bit suspicious at first. He sniffed the bowl a few times but then made fast work of the food. This is a really good sign as he normally refuses new dog food and is very fussy. He has happily eaten the food all week.

Freshpet dog food

Dog eating freshpet dog food

Dog eating freshpet dog food

Dog eating freshpet dog food

Freshpet Dog Treats

Freshpet also have some dog treats aptly named “Dog Joy”. These are rashers of 100% natural turkey bacon which have been wood smoked. They look good enough for people to eat, never mind dogs.

Freshpst dog joy turkey bacon treats

When Eddie saw the treat he was over like a shot, his tail wagging enthusiastically. When I gave him the treat he made short work of it. As you can see from the photos it vanished really quickly. He obviously loved the treats. Unfortunately they are quite high in fat so they will have to be an occasional treat as he is on a low fat diet.

Dog eating dog joy freshpet treats

Dog easting freshpet dog joy treat

Dog eating freshpet dog joy treat

Our Conclusions

Our dog, Eddie, loved both the Freshpet dog food and the Dog Joy treats. Normally when he gets a new food he will refuse to eat it. This food was eaten fast with no hesitation which is a good sign. I really like the way the Freshpet food is made with the freshest ingredients. You know it is fresh as it is in the fridge and has a use by date.

I did notice that the fat content in the food was slightly higher than is recommended for a low fat diet. The vet has recommended food of around 4% fat and Freshpet is quite a bit higher. This should not be a problem for other dogs. Freshpet is also only available in certain stores so could be hard to find in some areas.

Overall I love the concept of freshly prepared dog food. Freshpet have a unique idea and are obviously trying to do the best for our pets. I would be more than happy feeding this food to Eddie again.

Has your dog tried Freshpet before? What did they think?

I was sent some vouchers to get the dog food but my opinions are honest and my own.

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  1. Sorry to hear that Eddie was seriously ill and glad he is better now. He certainly looks like he is enjoying his treat

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