How To Give Your Dog A Wonderful, Happy Life

November 5, 2019

It’s safe to say that dogs are one of the most wonderful things in life. They roam this world with such purity and naivety. They give you everything you want and ask for very little in return. They’re given the nickname ‘man’s best friend’ for a reason. As they provide such joy in our lives, it’s only fair that we reciprocate and provide a wonderful life for them. They’re not on this strange planet for as long as we are, so they don’t get to take it all in as much as we do. It’s only right that you cram as much joy as possible into their fifteen or so years. 

If you’re an experienced dog owner, then you’ll know a lot about how to keep a pup content. It’s not something you just naturally know, however. If you’re not quite knowledgeable in that regard, then have a little read of the following points:

Feed Them All The Best Stuff!

Obviously, you’re not going to neglect them nutritionally, but it can be quite difficult not knowing what to feed your pup exactly. Sure, you’ll learn all along the way, but like with humans, different dogs like different meals. Different foods all have different properties, remember, so you’ll need to know a little about general nutrition as well. If they have all the energy in the world, then they’re going to be able to enjoy life to the fullest – make sure they’re completely satisfied in this regard.


You have to get your little buddy out of the house regularly. Even if you really don’t feel like it, or if the weather outside is pretty terrible. They need to stretch their legs every day; they need to get rid of that pent-up energy somehow. Again, like humans, if they get used to sitting around, then they’ll only really want to do that every day. They won’t have the will to get up and explore as they should!

Regularly Check On Their Health

This is obvious, but you’ll need to watch out for their health frequently. You never know when they might be a little under the weather. Scan around for the best vets, and book regular appointments. Veterinarians are going to know an awful lot more about your dog(s) than you, so you’ll need their expert advice and opinions. They’ll teach you lots, too, which will be great going forward.

Train Them!

Teaching your dog tricks and skills will increase their quality of life hugely. When you constantly stimulate their brain, they become smart – just like pretty much every living being on the planet. They’ll be more aware of things, and they’ll be able to transfer some of the little skills into more important situations. Your dog will be happier in general if it knows about more things – that’s a given. 

Teach Discipline

If you can discipline your pup (especially early on), then their life will be a lot easier. If they misbehave all the time, then they probably won’t be able to do half the things you plan on. They also might hurt somebody if they’re not dealt with and taught to behave – that’s obviously no good. 

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