Noveltea Launch Event at Fenwick Newcastle

May 4, 2017

Noveltea takes  tea and infuses it with gin or rum then serves it over ice. The perfect twist to serve with afternoon tea this summer.

Afternoon tea is a quintessentially British pastime. The very thought of afternoon tea conjures up images steaming pots of tea served with the best china. Arrangements of delicate sandwiches with the crusts cut off sit on  plates. A cake stand is essential with a selection of treats and scones with cream and jam.  Think of afternoon tea and images of tea on the lawn on a sunny day come to mind. Butlers would be dancing attendance making sure your cup was never empty. The thwack of cricket balls hitting bats and lawnmowers would make up the background music.

It is no wonder afternoon tea is so popular and can be found on the menu of most bars and restaurants. You can even enjoy a glass of champagne or prosecco with your afternoon tea if you fancy living more dangerously. The idea of drinking alcohol with tea was the inspiration behind the new alcoholic tipple Noveltea. The blend of alcoholic spirts with tea poured over ice is sure to become a summer sensation. The drink recently launched in Fenwick Food Hall which is the first retailer to stock it.

Noveltea bottles

Noveltea Launch Event

I was invited along to Noveltea launch event at Mason & Rye inside Fenwick Food Hall and took the opportunity to learn more about the product. There are two distinct blends of Noveltea available – The Tale of Earl Grey and the Tale of Tangier. Both are made with cold brewed tea which has been infused with alcohol. The blends or “tales” are completely different. With the slogan Tea.Spirit.Experience each blend aims to be a different experience in a glass and it succeeds.


Sipping the Tale of Tangier transports you to a Moroccan souk. The blend of green tea and rum has a hint of mint and spice that comes out when you drink it. It is a light and delicate drink which is perfect for sipping on an hot summer afternoon in the garden. The Tale of Earl Grey blends Earl Grey tea with gin, bergamot and botanicals creating a darker and more brooding combination. Not being a gin lover I didn’t expect to like this blend. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the tea lifted the gin to a new level creating  drink that is perfect for afternoon tea. It is difficult to choose a favourite, they both suit different occasions.

The Creation of Noveltea

A talk from the founders of Noveltea gave us some of the history behind the concept. Noveltea is the brain child of two German nationals, Vincent Efferoth and Lukas Passia. They came to Newcastle university and, like so many people, fell in love with the city. During afternoon tea at the Baltic they hit on the concept of combining alcohol and tea into one  drink. Noveltea was born. The final product took many hours  of research, trying out different teas and discovering the local heritage behind them.

Fenwick Food Hall is the perfect place for the launch of this product. It is within walking distance of Grey’s monument which is dedicated to Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey. He is best known for the reform bill in 1832 but is known for the creation of Earl Grey tea. This makes the choice of Earl Grey tea in one of the Noveltea blends very apt.  The creators of Noveltea have worked hard to perfect the product and the drink is one that I am sure will become a hit. After the talk we were able to sample the delicious afternoon tea which completely complemented the drink.


Noveltea lauch event

Noveltea launch event

Noveltea launch event

Whilst Noveltea is currently only available in Fenwick Food Hall I am sure it will not be long until bars and restaurants are stocking it. It is definitely a drink to look out for this summer. Would you like to try Noveltea? Let me know below.

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