Why you should visit Newcastle City Baths

January 28, 2020
Inside Newcastle pool

Newcastle City Baths has been restored to its former glory and is now open. Why not go and try the swimming pool, leisure facilities and Turkish Baths?

Do you have fond memories of visiting Newcastle City Baths? Maybe you regularly swam in the pool or enjoyed the Turkish baths. The City Baths have been lovingly restored and are ready to be part of the heart of Newcastle again. Wondering what they look like now? Read on to find out more.

Like many people in Newcastle I have fond memories of swimming in Newcastle’s City Baths. The amazing art deco building adds a sense of grandeur to a swim. The original building opened in 1928 but was sadly closed in 2013 due to council cuts.

After tireless campaigning from Newcastle residents, Fusion, have now restored the baths, revamped one of the swimming pools and installed new fitness studios.

I was lucky enough to win a competition to “Make the First Splash” and take a dip in the pool before it opens today. I was really looking forward to seeing Newcastle’s City Baths makeover.

Inside Newcastle City Baths

When you enter the Newcastle City Baths you really notice that the building has been lovingly restored. The period features have been kept intact. The arched wooden doors and art-deco plaster features is a feature through out the building.

The corridors are well lit and have a friendly feel, although they could do with some signs to let you know where to go.

Newcastle City Baths Entrance

Some modern features are present. High tech machines in the entrance allow you to book into the City Baths. The stylish metal turn style regulates entry and a small snack van stands in the entrance. Perfect for grabbing a snack after a workout.

Art deco corridors

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The Gym at Newcastle City Baths

Before going for our swim we got a quick tour of the facilities. Walking into the gym our first thoughts were wow!

Rows of high tech gleaming machines stand ready to be put to use. At the far end of the gym is an exercise room where the classes will take place. The top space is a high tech yoga studio.

The whole place feels light and airy thanks to the skylights in the magnificent domed ceiling. Smaller windows line the balcony which helps focus the light. It will look fabulous on a sunny day.

A view inside Newcastle City Gym

The changing rooms are light and airy. The tiling has a suitable art-deco theme that is in keeping with the building.

The gym changing rooms with tiled walls

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Newcastle City Pool

Finally we went in for our swim. The changing rooms again have a tiled theme which looks good. They are mixed changing rooms but there are plenty of cubicles which are quite roomy. If you have a young child you could easily manage in a room with them.

Lockers cost £1 which is refundable. Make sure you have some change with you. There are toilets just before you go into the pool and two rows of showers.

The poll changing rooms at Newcastle City Pool showing the yellow lockers and couple of cubicles

The pool itself is an amazing space. The domed ceiling allows light down into the pool area. The pool is quite spacious and the original tiles with the lettering for the depth are still on the side. It is a lovely place to swim.

A view of Newcastle City Pool swimming pool after refurbishment

The deep end is nearest the changing rooms. It says it is five foot but its actually a bit deeper. I am just over five foot and the water was over my head here. As you swim towards the shallow end it dips down to seven foot before starting to get shallower.

After doing a number of lengths we noticed there was a sauna in the far corner of the pool. This is a lovely space and a great place to end your swim. There is room for about twelve people. The wood panelled walls help hold in the steam.

The Turkish Baths

The Turkish Bath or hamam is an ancient ritual that takes place in a gently heated, tiled room. Visitors lie on the tables and are scrubbed, massaged and washed clean. The Turkish Baths will offer a series of hot rooms, scrub treatment tables and a cold plunge pool.

The Turkish Baths are in their final stages of refurbishment and should be open soon. The original features of the baths have been kept intact, including the tiles, the leather and mahogany beds, curtains and more.

I am really looking forward to giving it a try.

Why you should visit Newcastle City Baths

Where are Newcastle City Baths?

Newcastle City Baths are next to the City Hall, not far from Northumberland Street.

Northumberland Rd,
Newcastle upon Tyne

Phone: 07815 619127 Open 6.30am – 9.30pm

Opening Hours

How much does it cost?

To visit Newcastle City Baths you can either purchase a membership or pay as you go.

Pay As You Go Options

Daytime hours are 9am-12pm & 2pm-4pm

Membership Options

Membership options vary from £30 per month to £90 a month. It depends which activities you choose and which times you visit. You can find more information on the Newcastle City Baths website.

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  1. It looks lovely. I must admit I have never been to the city baths before x

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