5 Ways To Create The Perfect Garden For Your Dog

March 14, 2020

Many dog owners treat their dogs like their children. While this may be scoffed at by some (usually those who do not have a dog), if you have a dog, you probably know what we’re talking about! One of the best things you can do for your best furry friend is make sure they have somewhere to roam and play that is safe and a lot of fun for them.

Creating an awesome garden for your dog will keep them healthy and happy. Whether they are relaxing in a patch of shade on a summer’s day, dancing in the water from your garden hose (or strategically avoiding it), or pouncing on a tree branch like they’re saving you from a snake, you’ll love how much they get out of a well designed garden. Read on for 8 ways you can create the perfect garden for your dog! 

Add Water Features

Fresh water is a great addition to any garden where you want to delight your dog. A fountain or stream they can splash in would be great for them! Just make sure this water is not treated with chemicals or could be of harm to them in any way. For smaller dogs, for example, you wouldn’t want a deep body of water that they could fall in and be unable to get out of.

Keep It As Safe As Can Be

Dogs are usually pretty good at keeping themselves safe, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t safety proof your garden. A fully fenced in back garden is your best bet, as this will stop them from catching the smell of something and escaping. You can get some really attractive fences that could help you to create a certain feel in your garden, whether that’s modern or rustic. Just ensure it’s sturdy enough to hold a curious dog! 

Adult beagle walking on grass
Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

Ensure Plenty Of Shade And Shelter

Your dog needs shade and shelter – dogs can die from heat stroke far more readily than humans because of their thick coats. Not only that, they can get sunburn and burn the pads of their feet! A large tree or shrub could potentially provide shade. There are even small tent-like items you can put up in your garden especially for the purpose of providing shade to your dog, but whether they will use it or not is a different matter entirely. If you can afford a wooden doghouse, that might be an even better option. 

Have A Dedicated Bathroom Space

Why not see if you can create a dedicated bathroom space for your pooch? This will stop you from getting those annoying brown areas on your lawn, and make it really easy for you to clean up. If it’s in a hidden spot it won’t ruin the look of your garden when you have guests over, either! Small pebbles are easy to hose down and are great for dog paws. You will just need to be vigilant with the training. 

If it’s a little too late and your dog is already used to going wherever they want on the lawn, you could try free artificial grass samples to keep your grass looking green and lush year round. They require little maintenance and it won’t die. 

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