Cointreau Chocolate Dipping Sauce

November 29, 2016

Cointreau chocolate dipping sauce is a chocolate orange sauce with a touch of liqueur. Perfect for dipping fruit or florentines into for a touch of indulgence.

Party season is nearly upon us. Christmas is a time of indulgence and sharing. Families and friends get together and celebrate. More often than not this means thinking of easy recipes for a buffet. Different dishes fighting for space on the table providing a selection for everyone. A good buffet will have a selection of different dishes to cater for every taste. Sweet and savoury snacks will jostle for attention and soon disappear as the hungry hoards ravage the table.

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Christmas is also a time for liqueurs and brandies. These do not appear at other times of the year but at Christmas a range of spirits is usually on hand for an after dinner tipple. One of my favourite liqueurs is Cointreau. I love the orange taste with the hint of fire. It brings a taste of summer to a winter day. When I was challenged by Thomas J Fudge’s to make the ultimate death by chocolate dipping sauce to accompany their Florentines I knew Cointreau chocolate dipping sauce would be a winner.

Cointreau chocolate dipping sauce

Cointreau chocolate dipping sauce

It is really easy to make Cointreau chocolate dipping sauce and  Thomas J Fudge’s Florentines are the perfect accompaniment. The Florentines are a luscious mixture crunchy nuts, creamy milk chocolate, tangy dried fruit and caramel. Dipping them into the chocolate sauce makes the flavour really come alive with the tang of the orange perfectly complementing them.

Thomas J Fudges Florentines

The Cointreau chocolate dipping sauce would look great on a buffet with a selection of fruit to dip into it as well as the florentines. Strawberries and mandarin segments would be perfect for this as would banana. The pieces of fruit can persuade you that you are opting for the healthy choice.

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Cointreau chocolate dipping sauce recipe

It is really easy to make the Cointreau chocolate dipping sauce. All I did was warm up some cream. When it is just about to boil remove it from the heat and add in some pieces of chocolate, some orange zest and a teaspoon of Cointreau. For a more orange taste add a tablespoon of orange juice. You can add more Cointreau if you wish, but make sure your guests are aware it is alcoholic. This is especially important if they are driving.

Cointreau chocolate dipping sauce

An orange tasting chocolate dipping sauce perfect for dipping fruit and biscuits into.


  • 300ml single cream
  • 1 tsp orange zest
  • 1 tsp Cointreau
  • 1 tbsp orange juice
  • 250g chocolate


Break the chocolate into pieces
Warm the cream, orange juice and orange zest in a pan until it is about to boil
Remove from the heat and add the chocolate pieces
Stir until melted and add the Cointreau
Serve with fruit and florentines to dip into it.

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Cointreau chocolate dipping sauce. A rich and indulgent dipping sauce with an taste of orange and Cointreau to make it indulgent.

If you are looking for other seasonal bakes gingerbread table tealight decorations make a lovely centre piece as well as being edible. Coconut thumbprint cookies are always popular at the tea table. A lovely alternative to mince pies are these coconut mincemeat streusel bakes.

I was sent some Florentines and the ingredients to create my chocolate dipping sauce. My opinions are honest and my own.

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  1. Galina V says:

    That is definitely death by chocolate! Perfect for any chocoholic, smooth creamy dip with a touch of Cointreau.

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