Newcastle’s Christmas Markets 2017

December 18, 2017

Don’t you love Christmas markets? This year we went to a couple of Newcastle’s Christmas markets to see what was going on.

It’s nearly Christmas? Have you been good this year? Are you looking forward to Santa visiting? One of the things I love about the run-up to Christmas is the Christmas markets appear. There is nothing nicer than having a browse around the stalls. Every year there is something new to discover.

Looking around the Christmas markets is a great way to get in the mood for Christmas. One cold night in December we went to two of Newcastle’s Christmas markets. Last year Grainger market had a special late night Christmas market and this year they were continuing the tradition. We went along to find out what was happening and also took the chance to visit the Newcastle International market that is found around Monument.

Grainger Market Christmas Market Night 2017

Grainger market is a quirky food market in the centre of Newcastle Upon Tyne. It is a mix of history and culture. Old fashioned market stalls rub shoulders with fashionable street food and gourmet food stalls. If you want to pick up a foodie treat the Grainger market is well worth a look around. Last year the Grainger Market put on a special Christmas market night for the first time.

This year the Christmas market night was bigger and better. As well as being able to take a guided history tour of the market and accessing the balcony viewing platform, plenty of entertainment was on through the night. We popped in for a little while to find out what was going on.

The market was looking very festive with its Christmas lights. There was plenty of entertainment with singers on practically every aisle. We went up to the viewing platform where we got a good look down at the market. While we were up there some dancers came on and we stood and watched them for a while. From the balcony, you could see just how busy the market was.

Grainger market christmas market night

Grainger market Christmas market night

Grainger market Christmas market night

Grainger market christmas market night

Some of our favourite stalls

While we were in the market we went to some of our favourite stalls. These include the Marks and Spencer’s Penny Bazaar which has been trading here for over 100 years. We also went to the Pet Lamb Patisserie which does delicious cupcakes and the French Oven Bakery and its delicious bread. I was also happy to find Geordie Bangers were selling their delicious sausages. I normally pick these up at the Quayside market on a Sunday so this was a pleasant surprise.

Before leaving we went to the Weigh House. Originally this was where market traders would weigh their deliveries. These days you can get yourself weighed. They are very discrete, you stand on the scales and they pass you a little ticket with your weight marked on it. It normally costs 50p but for the Christmas market night, it was free.

Grainger Market Christmas market night

Graigner market weigh house

International Christmas Market

The international Christmas market is always found around Monument in the centre of Newcastle a few weeks before Christmas. It is always a great place to pick up foodie treats from around the world. It is also a good place to discover unique Christmas presents. A couple of years ago I got my son a Russian army hat here which is brilliant in the winter.

This year we went after dark. Seeing the well-lit stalls under the Christmas lights is a truly magical experience.  It is a little like being in wonderland. The market was very busy. Lots of people were queuing to investigate the stalls.

Newcastle International Market

Newcastle International Market

We had a good browse around. There was plenty of food to choose from. Stalls cooking kangaroo and buffalo burgers, Chinese food, German bratwurst and steaming pans of paella. A lovely smell hung in the air. As well as food to eat on the go there was plenty of food to take home. French cheese, home-made fudge, Turkish delight and gorgeous French patisserie. It would have been easy to spend a fortune. Before leaving we treated ourselves to some churros. These were lovely and hot, a perfect treat for a cold night.

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Have you been to any Christmas markets this year? Let me know below.

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  1. This looks fabulously festive and atmospheric. We have a Christmas market here in Dunkirk and we went to Bruges at the weekend too 🙂

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