Orange Soreen Trifle

August 26, 2014

When you have a teenage boy you often find that the fridge has been emptied, like gannets they need to eat everything in sight. Our family loves Soreen, there is a variety to suit everyone. My husband loves the original malt loaf, I like the banana loaf and my son loves all the varieties. Soreen have just introduced a new Soreen Orange loaf, containing orange pieces, tangy fruit juices and sultanas. Soreen kindly sent me some loaves to try.

Soreen orange loaf

The Soreen orange loaf is lovely and squidgy and a perfect snack with a little butter. Containing only 84 calories a slice, it is a guilt free snack as well. You can currently find it in Sainsbury’s at RRP £1.25. From September you will also be able to find it in Asda. It has a lovely orange taste which the family all loved. It is perfect for Breakfast, a mid-morning snack or with an afternoon cup of tea.

Orange Soreen loaf

Eating it I had an idea to turn the Soreen orange loaf into a decadent Summer dessert. I thought that it would make the ideal base for a trifle. I mixed the Soreen orange loaf into an orange jelly made with mandarin oranges and their juice. Once this was set I topped it with a layer of cold custard and whipped double cream. Some cake sprinkles added the final touch.

Orange Soreen Trifle

It was a lovely refreshing dessert, the tang of the oranges mingled well with the sweetness of the custard and the cream. It would be easy to eat several bowlfuls of this, forgetting that it is more calorie filled than the original loaf. It is a great way to end a meal and is slightly more refreshing that a standard trifle, more suited to warmer weather. If you had a big glass bowl this would make an ideal centre piece for a party table, quickly scoped out into bowls to delight your guests. It was a big hit with my family and did not last long.

Orange Soreen Trifle



  • 1 packet orange jelly
  • 1 tin mandarin oranges in juice
  • 1 pint milk
  • custard powder
  • 220 ml double cream
  • hundreds and thousands


  • Make up the jelly, using half a pint of boiling water and dissolving it. Make up to the pint using the juice from the mandarin oranges and topping up with cold water. Pour into a bowl and add the mandarin orange segments. Leave to set.
  • Make a pint of custard using the custard powder and leave to cool.
  • When the jelly is set top with the cold custard.
  • Whip the double cream until stiff and add to the top of the custard.
  • Decorate with hundreds and thousands.

Disclosure: I was sent some orange soreen in order to do an honest review.

5 responses to “Orange Soreen Trifle”

  1. Cate @meaddthree says:

    Yummy yum yum! This looks delicious and I feel sure some grated chocolate orange on top would make it perfect for Christmas!

  2. Ooooooh, that is a great idea! Miss J is quite partial to the new orange flavour so I shall try this. Thanks so much for linking up with #recipeoftheweek. I’ve pinned this post to my food board and a tweet will go out later 🙂

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