Planning a Family Movie Night

February 25, 2020
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Planning a family movie night? Not sure what films to pick or what snacks to prepare? Read my complete guide to planning the perfect movie night and enjoy some quality time with your family.

TV’s are really high tech these days, with smart tv’s, large screens, 4K, OLED and thx certified sets. Why not enjoy your television and have a family movie night at home? You can watch a good film, enjoy each others company and have tasty snacks at the same time.

Planning a family movie night

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The perfect family movie night takes a little planning. With a little thought you can have a night the whole family can enjoy.


Schedule your movie night in advance so the whole family knows when it is and what time it starts.

Make it cosy

When you have a movie night at home you can set up a cosy viewing area and get comfy. Why not spread out sleeping bags and cushions on the floor for a camping type experience? Drape some fairy light around the living room to give a little lighting and turn the main lights off.

If it’s cold why not snuggle up on the sofa with some blankets? Get the whole family involved in making the room cosy.

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Movie Ideas

It is not easy to find movies that appeal to every member of the family. You need to find something that will appeal to all ages and keep everyone engaged. This can be a classic or a new movie that has just come out.

For younger families

When you have younger children you need something that will keep them amused that adults will also love. Disney Pixar films are great for this. Some suggestion are:

For older children

You can choose films with a bit more adventure in them when you have older children. Here are some examples:

For Adult Families

Gripping thrillers or adventure movies work well. Why not try:

Snack ideas

The perfect movie night should have plenty of snacks so here are some ideas for home-made snacks the whole family will enjoy.

Beef nachos

What could be better on a movie night than a plateful of nachos? These simple beef nachos are easy to make and full of flavour.

Simple beef nachos in a bowl with sour cream

Get the recipe: Simple beef nachos


Popcorn is a movie night essential. Why not ring the changes by having a sweet and savoury variety? Chilli kale popcorn sneaks a little kale into the diet making it more healthy. If you have a sweet tooth then you will love coconut and chocolate popcorn.

Flavoured popcorn recipes

Get the recipes: Flavoured popcorn recipes


For a quick and delicious treat quesadillas are really nice. You can vary the fillings to suit what ingredients you have in the house. Just make a plateful of these and they will disappear in no time.


Get the recipe: Quesadillas

What snacks do you like on a movie night? Let me know below.

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