Planning for Christmas and Giveaway

November 15, 2019
Christmas Tree

Christmas is rapidly approaching. Have you started planning for Christmas yet or do you leave everything till the last minute?

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Are you ready for Christmas? In the run up to Christmas there is always a lot to do. Presents to buy, food to get and meal plans to prepare. Not to mention decorating the house.

Are you one of those super organised people who has already got the presents and organised the food shop with a minute to minute plan for cooking it? Or are you hoping a magical Christmas fairy will come along and sort it all out for you?

Christmas Tree

Planning for Christmas – What do people love?

In the run up to Christmas Boots has asked over 11,000 people some questions to find out what people love about Christmas. The results have been put into an infographic which shows some interesting results.

Some of the fact that I found fascinating are that 63% of the people who create a wish list are between 25 and 35. I would have thought this would have been something more kids do in their letters to Santa.

Most wish lists are inspired by the internet and social media. In fact 44% of people between 18 and 24 take inspiration from social media. It shows how times are changing.

Boots also asked me some questions to find out how prepared I am for Christmas. Read on to find out.

When do you start your Christmas shopping?

Every year I intend to be organised but it never happens! Ideally I would love to get gifts all year round and be ready at the start of December. Usually I start my shopping at the beginning of December. I would start in November but my husband and son both have their birthdays so I concentrate on those before Christmas.

In their survey Boots found that almost a quarter of Brits started Christmas shopping in August. I would love to be this organised.

Once I start shopping it gets done quite fast. I write a list of all the people I need to get presents for and write down what they would like before I go. My dog, Eddie, is also on the list I am not alone in this as the infographic also found that 65% of pet owners buy Christmas presents for their pets.

Photo by Eugene Zhyvchik on Unsplash

Which person’s gift receives the most thought?

When it comes to buying gifts I put the most thought into my partners gift. I want to find him something special, that he will really love. I used to spend more time on my son’s gift but now he is a teenager it is easier as he lets me know what he wants. The hardest people to buy for are my parents, they never let me know what they would like and say they have everything.

Strangely the infographic found the same. 38% people said they put the most thought into their partners gifts closely followed by 20% who said their children. A third of people also thought they were difficult to buy for as they have everything they need.

What is the most quintessential Xmas dinner food?

Everyone looks forward to Christmas dinner. It is a chance to sit round the table with family you might not have seen for ages and enjoy a feast. Pulling crackers and telling silly jokes is all part of the fun. What is the most quintessential Christmas dinner food? Is it the turkey, the stuffing’s and cranberry sauce or the roast potatoes.

For me it wouldn’t be Christmas dinner without the trimmings. I love the bread sauce, sage and onion and the other stuffing, cranberry sauce and the pigs in blankets. It is these extra touches that make the dinner more special.

sage and onion stuffing

The infographic reveals that 69% of people thing that  roast potatoes are the most essential to Christmas dinner so I differ in this regard.

Read more: Home made sage and onion stuffing.

Gift Giving

How good are you at choosing gifts? If you struggle you are not alone, 41% of people thing that choosing a gift is the most difficult part of Christmas. Boots gave me the challenge of looking at their Christmas gifts and choosing something for some special people in my life.

Gifts for him

Men are really hard to buy for. It is really difficult to find something you know they will love.

I had a look at the Boots Christmas Gifts for Him to see if I could find something for my husband. Given that 39% of people think that gifts form a partner cause most excitement the pressure was on.

I chose this Champney’s Luxury Robe (£25) which will be perfect for him to put on and relax in after a long hot day. It is super soft and very snuggly, perfect for a cold evening.

Champneys Luxury Robe

I will add a few other things to his present but I am sure he will love this.

Gifts for her

I wanted to choose something special for my mum as she never treats herself to luxury items. Looking at the selection of Christmas Gifts for Her there was plenty to choose from, all of which she would love.

Armani gift set

I chose the Giorgio Armani Womens Miniature Perfume Gift Set (£29.99). My mum loves perfume and this contains a selection of four different scents for different occasions. I hope she loves it.

A gift for me

All that gift choosing is hard work and Boots kindly let me choose a little something for myself. I chose the Liz Earle Winter Escape (£25.50). This is a selection of skin and hair care miniatures that should keep me glowing in the winter weather.

Liz Earle gift set

They come in a lovely case which I can reuse after the miniatures are gone.

What do you think of my choices? Let me know below.


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406 responses to “Planning for Christmas and Giveaway”

  1. Annabel Greaves says:

    I have a few presents but still have so much to do – I love that it is such a special family time

  2. Tracy Nixon says:

    I am getting organised! I usually have all of my presents bought by the end of November so I am not rushing and getting stressed out during December. I love the lights and decorations as they brighten up the darker, shorter days!

  3. Nicola S says:

    I’ve made a good start with the Christmas preparations. I love all the special treat, the smells of Christmas and all the Christmas movies.

  4. lesley renshaw says:

    We’re NEARLY ready for Christmas. Bought most of the presents just need to wrap them which I enjoy doing nearer the time. The Christmas lights in our town get switched on this weekend and the local church has a Christmas Fayre every years so we’ll be going to that which indicates the festive season has officially begun. My favourite time about Christmas is my OH has time off work so it’s nice to spend quality time together as a family.

  5. Iain maciver says:

    love everything about christmas, not that organized yet but getting there

  6. Kim Coate says:

    Haven’t done a thing, always wait until December

  7. Tania Atfield says:

    I love Christmas but am not ready in the slightest due to hospital treatment but im doing my best

  8. Fiona Timms says:

    I’m about half way ready for Christmas, and love all the preparations, I love most being part of something uplifting

  9. Solange says:

    I’m very ready for Christmas. I love spending quality time with my family.

  10. charlotte isobelle says:

    Im not ready at all yet, far from it! haha although im looking forward to spending the day with my family and my little boy who is due any day now!

  11. Kim Neville says:

    I am half way ready for Christmas. Love the run up to Christmas and the family and social events 🙂

  12. Peter Watson says:

    I’m pretty sorted for Christmas as I’ve put aside some cash to give to the family .I especially love the excitement on the childrens’ faces when they open their presents.

  13. MARK THOMAS says:

    I am not ready for Christmas yet. Just a few cards bought , but no gifts yet . I love the time off work , spent with family .

  14. Lisa Rickard says:

    Not ready at all for Christmas

  15. Vicky Cole says:

    I’m pretty ready with most of my presents sorted this year. I am going to par down christmas a bit this year to save some money

  16. Jane Willis says:

    I love the preparations – the card making and the cooking in particular. All my cards are made, much of the cooking is done and stored or frozen, and now I’ve just started on the present shopping.

  17. Mel Pennie says:

    Practically all shopping done for Christmas. Just fresh food items to get nearer the time.
    Love that I get two weeks off work for the festive period which gives me time to visit relatives but also spend quality time with my partner.

  18. Kim M says:

    Wrapping presents already – love snow at Christmas – always wishing for it x

  19. Joo Dee says:

    love watching the little ones faces, so magical usually leave it to last minute to get in the spirit of things more

  20. Mark R says:

    I am about half ready at moment – waiting for a few parcels to arrive, and then need to decide on the Xmas food. Best thing about Christmas is the family time together.

  21. Alica says:

    I m not prepared at all this yea! I really need to get my bum in gear, I love Christmas!

  22. Emma c says:

    I am so ready for Christmas this year! Last year we just moved house so everything was all over the place but we are much more organised this year. Even bought a tree this week! I love the festive spirit, family time and good food.

  23. Susan B says:

    About halfway through shopping. Christmas is the best time of year to catch up with family and friends.

  24. clair downham says:

    i love having family time and i start xmas pressie buying in november

  25. chloe b says:

    I’m not far off finishing my Christmas shopping, which makes me feel super prepared!
    I can’t wait for some time off work with family

  26. Anthony Harrington says:

    all presents bought and wrapped up, just the last minute foodie items to buy

  27. Hannah Lord says:

    I can’t wait for christmas! My little boy is nearly 2 so this year he will know a lot more about what is going on and it is so exciting!! getting the tree next weekend

  28. Katie says:

    I’m not at all ready! I love seeing my niece and nephews open their presents

  29. melanie stirling says:

    I am not ready at all, I haven’t bought anything yet. I love to see all the lights at christmas.

  30. I love the run up to Christmas, going Christmas shopping, checking out the lights and decorations in town, putting up the tree … We always catch up with family for Christmas dinner so I never have to worry about putting the big meal together, but I do do a scaled down one just for the family usually too. I haven’t started anything yet but I’m thinking of looking around online over the weekend 🙂

  31. Pippa Ainsworth says:

    I’m getting there! I always like to have most of my shopping done by the end of November so I can enjoy December having fun with my children.

  32. Susan Lloyd says:

    I am pretty organised – most of my kids presents are bought and my husband and I are having a day at a spa together instead of buying presents.

  33. Gillian McClelland says:

    I have about half of my presents in so far, I love spending time with family and making memories and I love Christmas Dinner

  34. Angela treadway says:

    ive not even started yet lol and i love getting the decorations up and of course seeing my boys open thier pressies on christmas morn x

  35. claire woods says:

    Only brought a few presents. Love the time off work.

  36. Rebecca Sutton says:

    Not that ready at all, only just started to Xmas shopping for my 2 girls, but I do look forward to it, especially when it gets closer and get my daughter all wound up and excited

  37. pete c says:

    am nowhere near ready yet but wont take long; best thing being the opportunity to catch up with old and new friends during the festivities

  38. Ruth Robinson says:

    i love everything especialy the yummy dinner i am almost ready present wise still got to do the food dhop

  39. Hazel Rea says:

    I’m not very ready for Christmas as I have a broken right arm! What I love most is having our first full Christmas meal by candlelight on Christmas Eve. We carry the table into the lounge so we have the tree lights as well. It is such a happy meal with a great air of anticipation.

  40. Carol Martin says:

    Lovely prize, hope I win.

  41. Angela Macdonald says:

    I’ve made a good start on my Christmas shopping, got my outfits for works xmas night out and making my xmas cake tomorrow

  42. Sheena Batey says:

    I love all the beautiful sparkly lights and goodwill that swirls around at this time of the year but though I have bought my cards and some presents I am nowhere near ready

  43. Alice Dixon says:

    Not feeling very ready, still lots to but not got a lot of spare time. My favourite thing is all the excitement of the build up to Christmas

  44. Sean Eccles says:

    I’m feeling more prepared than previous years

  45. Nicola Vinson says:

    I’m not sat all ready yet! Will be doing my last minute dash for presents. The best but about Christmas is being with family

  46. Sarah Bailey says:

    I am more ready than this time last year, which surprised me still need a few presents to buy but not to many. I love getting to see family as we always visit them before Christmas.

  47. Fay says:

    I’m not ready for Christmas at all!
    My favourite thing about Christmas is all the food and alcohol!

  48. Susan Smith says:

    I love Christmas, i am no where near ready, but on my way, got a few gifts, but still plenty to do and prepare

  49. Margaret Clarkson says:

    I have some things ready for Christmas but I still have plenty to do! I enjoy relaxing with my family at Christmas.

  50. Laura Wheatley says:

    I’ve bought all my presents so I am feeling super organised, I absolutely love Christmas <3

  51. Jo says:

    I have all my presents bought, the christmas tree ordered and all my food for the say ordered so pretty ready. I love spending time with family eating, drinking, playing games and watching christmas movies snuggled by the fire.

  52. A S,Edinburgh says:

    I’m very unprepared right now, but I do love it, especially seeing all the decorations.

  53. Claire Hennighan says:

    I’ve planned what I’m going to buy, but I just haven’t bought it yet. I love having the whole family round for Christmas Dinner.

  54. Helen Arlow says:

    I’m pretty organise this year for a change. I love the whole build up to Christmas, watching all our favourite movies and catching up with family that we don’t get to see that often

  55. Angie McDonald says:

    I have bought a few presents and thought about other gift ideas but I haven’t ordered my advent calendars yet! I love the nostalgia of Christmas and just bringing everyone together

  56. Tracy Astwood says:

    I like your choice of perfume set. I find the smaller bottles of different scents much better as I often find the larger bottle will go off before I’ve used it up !
    The dressing gown does look cosy. I might check that out myself.

  57. Heather says:

    Not at all ready for Christmas! We’ve got lot of house reorganising happening right now as my Mother-in-law is selling her house and moving in with us for a bit so we’re busy sorting all that out before we can even think about Christmas!

  58. Catherine S says:

    I haven’t even started thinking about Christmas yet! I most like the excitement of my children

  59. Michaela Turner says:

    We are not really ready this year as 2 redundancies have made us cut back but it’ll still be a magical day regardless of how much we spend on people

  60. Holly King says:

    I have a few presents and more coming from online shop. I love christmas especially the excitment of the children makes it so much more special to me

  61. Lynn Neal says:

    I have been buying a few presents each week and planning our Christmas day meal! I love getting ready for Christmas and shopping and seeing all the stunning displays in the windows!

  62. Amanda Smith says:

    this would be lovely to win, thank you so much for the chance to

  63. TRUDEE HARTLEY says:

    I have been ready all year! I absolutely love Christmas and family time. I prepare in January catching the sales throughout the year and saving heaps of money. I love the build up to Christmas, the festive atmosphere and everyone is in such good cheer, its magical!

  64. I love everything about Christmas but I haven’t started my shopping this year yet x

  65. Sally Collingwood says:

    Getting ready for Christmas, but still need to sort out food!

  66. Tracy Newton says:

    I have wrote my cards. Got some presents, but still have lots to do. Husband will be just as suprised as the gift recipients when they open the presents on Christmas Day. Why do women have to do all the work?

  67. Dale Dow says:

    I’m really not ready, I have only bought one gift! I love creating the magic of Christmas for the kids though

  68. Nicki Simpson says:

    I love love love crimbo! I love the run up, christmas shopping, wrapping presents i love it all x

  69. Helen B says:

    We have pre-ordered our meat and bought our sons big pressie 🙂

  70. Steven S says:

    Pretty set, most of the goodies and long life stuff is already done so just need the fresh goods. Presents are mostly done, just waiting for the right deals and then some stocking fillers. Love getting it done early so can kick back and enjoy the kids getting excited.

  71. Leah says:

    Partly ready, have started some Xmas gift shopping. Love being together with family at Christmas time x

  72. Jodie says:

    Christmas presents are wrapped, tagged and bagged already. I like to get it out of the way.
    I’m most looking forward to the dinner – even though I’m the one cooking it!!

  73. Deb Pettit says:

    Im quite prepared already. I absolutley love everything about Christmas!

  74. Emma G says:

    I’ve done most of my daughter’s but need to get everyone else. I love all the family traditions like the panto

  75. Heather Haigh says:

    I’m not at all ready, barely started! I just love relaxing and having a giggle with my family.

  76. Linda Ford says:

    We are 75% ready for Christmas, some family gifts to buy still. I love giving people gifts and seeing their reactions! It’s lovely to spend quality time with family too.

  77. Leanne weir says:

    We are nowhere near ready. The ida is we start to get ready in December

  78. Lindsey Stuart says:

    I haven’t started my Christmas shopping yet, I will begin on Black Friday 🙂
    I absolutely love Christmas especially the build up to it, seeing all the pretty decorations and visiting Santa’s grotto with my daughter, It is just magical.

  79. Mari Sutherland says:

    Totally not ready for Christmas yet; haven’t bought a single present yet. Love getting to spend time with my family.

  80. Eloise Weir says:

    Would love this!

  81. holly harmsworth says:

    I love everything about christmas! It makes me feel like a big kid. I am never prepared though I always say I will start earlier next year but I never do

  82. Claire Shaw says:

    I’m super sorted for Christmas!! I’ve already bought all the presents, and planned Christmas dinner with my sister and friend so we all know what we’re bringing and cooking.

  83. Ali Thorpe says:

    I’ve bought a few bits although I have most to buy. I like the lights most.

  84. Christine Dodd says:

    I aim to get all my Xmas shopping done by the end of November so that I can focus on meeting up with friends and having fun.

  85. Tammy Westrup says:

    I have done about 3/4 of my christmas shopping! Quite pleased with some of the bargains this year!! The thing I love most about christmas is seeing the kids faces on christmas morning!

  86. Tracey Lilly says:

    I love soap and glory. Good value for the cost and lots of products to choose from.

  87. jamie piper says:

    I have all my presents sorted before December, any others I buy now are just a bonus

  88. Kelly Glen says:

    I haven’t even started to think about Christmas just yet , the thing I like most about is just having a few days rest.

  89. Margaret Gallagher says:

    One of the few times a year our family gets together – so many of us – great to catch up and feast

  90. Fin says:

    I’m mentally ready for Christmas, however my bank account isn’t quite there with me… lol!
    The thing I love most about Christmas is the pure food indulgence and this year being pregnant, I’m sure I can get away with two dinners ✨

  91. Anni Large says:

    I’m not ready at all! Got my husbands birthday, my birthday and my eldests birthday before Christmas. Eeek! What I love most about the festive period is seeing all of the shops decorated.

  92. Emily Hutchinson says:

    Very ready, nearly got all my presents wrapped, now eager to put the tree up! I love Christmas

  93. Kay Broomfield says:

    I’m much more organised for this Christmas than I usually am. I have been stockpiling presents for my 3 children since August! I’m not too stressed at the moment and just looking forward to the moment I can get our decorations up!

  94. Caroline Tinsley says:

    I’ve barely started Christmas shopping and haven’t planned anything else yet so still have lots to do. My favourite part is the decorations, especially the twinkly lights.

  95. Ruth Steel says:

    I am so not ready this year, I love it when everything is wrapped and ready so I can enjoy the anticipation of what’s to come.

  96. Lynda Jones says:

    I love Christmas, I have been ready for it from 6th Nov not got any presents or cards yet but I’m still ready

  97. Brigitte Gorez says:

    Not ready yet but only have a handful of presents to buy so I take it easy.

  98. Karen Lloyd says:

    Not even started on Christmas yet, I do this every year, Then it’s a mad rush in December.

  99. Sheila Shepheard says:

    I love Christmas and am getting there. A couple of presents bought, some ideas. I love the decorations in the shops and the chance to play Christmas songs all day!

  100. Justine Hughes says:

    I’m not very ready at the minute, I need to get a move on. I love the build up the most.

  101. Jade P says:

    I am very nearly ready..I have about 70% of the presents sorted! Everything is coming together nicely this year. My favourite thing is the family traditions that we have. I still feel like I’m about 5 every Christmas and I love it.

  102. Tracey Ryder says:

    I havnt even started christmas shopping, as the kids get older its harder to buy for them and they dont even know what they would like. They will get a few presents and mostly money. The christmas food and drink shopping is a different matter, we have lots of nice treats starting to apper

  103. Jade Hewlett says:

    I’m not ready for Christmas, still lots of presents to buy! I love that I get to spend lots of time with family over Christmas

  104. Anne Bardsley says:

    I’ve bought all my presents…not wrapped yet, but they will be soon. I love spending time with my family at Christmas, eating lots of food and playing board games.

  105. Caroline H says:

    I’m pretty ready for Christmas. Still have a lot to do but I have my lists and plans for when I’ll get things done. I just love being able to get some quality down time with family and friends at Christmas.

  106. Lorraine Williams says:

    Have a couple of presents bought but don’t feel as organised as usual. Love decorating the tree and having time to spend with family and friends.

  107. Zoe C says:

    Kind of ready, buy a lot of stuff through the year to save money

  108. Claire Blakeley says:

    I’m almost ready for xmas! I look forward to it all year and can’t wait to spend time with my family xx

  109. Steven Grimble says:

    What an excellent xmas gift

  110. Tony Gore says:

    Extended families presents are done just need to sort out close families presents and decide what to cook Christmas day!

  111. Kate Sutton says:

    I’m a little ready in that. Have started to buy things

  112. Michelle Smith says:

    I’ve done some Christmas shopping already I love having the family all round the table for Christmas dinner.

  113. Emma Wright says:

    I’ve started but nowhere near ready!
    I love the build up the best

  114. Jo F says:

    I’m getting there with Christmas but it always feels like something has been forgotten. My kids adore everything about Christmas but I’m always secretly relieved when it is all over for another year

  115. Jonathan Day says:

    Nearly all the presents bought. I’m looking forward to time off with the family the most!

  116. Carole Nott says:

    I am not at all ready yet. still lots to buy and organise and will get cracking in early December

  117. Clair M says:

    I am not ready at all and what I love about Christmas is EVERYTHING!

  118. Belinda Kinnon says:

    I’m ready apart from wrapping presents. I love family time the most!

  119. Mark Burdon says:

    Not even started to think what I’m getting people. Love Christmas Dinner with the family

  120. Gemma Clark says:

    I’m just about sorted for Christmas now, just a few stocking fillers to get now. I love to see my girls faces on Christmas morning

  121. Layla Thomas says:

    I started yesterday, oops. I’m normally more organised.

  122. daniel baugh says:

    i am nearly ready,we dont host so that saves a lot of hassle. i like having timeoff work

  123. Sarah Birkett says:

    I have started and I have a plan, only adults in the family at the moment so not as complicated as it used to be or as it will be inthe future and I think its all in hand

  124. Chloe Billington says:

    I love the whole Christmas period. The run up is so much fun, Christmas Day exciting and then the relaxation I feel after is bliss.

  125. Artur says:

    Not ready yet, but I love everything about it. Seeing my family would be most important.

  126. Hannah S says:

    I love buying gifts for my family – I’ve only just started though so I need to get more organised!

  127. Lynne Jarman says:

    Not ready at all. It’s arrived to quick – as it does every year 🙂
    I love the food & meeting up with family & friends

  128. Kate Loader says:

    I haven’t really thought about it, other than getting a few presents!

  129. C Whitlow says:

    I am not organised at all! Never am! But it always comes together in the end. I love everything about Christmad though- food, music, tv, friends, gifts…just all round happiness for everyone! X

  130. Mark M says:

    Not very ready for it at the moment. Things will probably swing in to gear in December. And Xmas dinner is the thing i love the most.

  131. Marycarol says:

    Got odds and ends bought but not organised at all, love having all the family together under one roof x

  132. Julie Scattergood says:

    I haven’t done any gift shopping yet but I have a list!

  133. Keith Hunt says:

    We dont do much as we like to take lots of breaks with the money and my nurse wise always works. i love boxing day to watch all the old tv show films from the 1970s.

  134. Sarah Lee says:

    I’ve started to buy presents but lots more to do so need to get a little more organised.

  135. Suzanne Sendell says:

    I start early but dont stop, I cook for 15 every Sunday and we have 20+ this year, Im like a big kid, my children have grown up and I dont have any grandchildren as yet but I do have great nieces and nephews
    I go mad with decorations too and aways have the biggest real tree that I can find
    To top It all of Its my birthday Christmas eve, so you can see why Im like a bottle of pop

  136. Faridah Brooker says:

    I’m not really ready for it as I don’t knowwhen I’ll be working which puts a damper on it all. I love all the eating and seeing friends and family.

  137. Justine Meyer says:

    All presents wrapped and ready, just need to buy a bit of food. I like making new memories with the kids

  138. Stephanie Lear says:

    I have started but a long way to go. My favourite part is seeing my granddaughter. She gets ever so excited. Christmas really is all about her xxx

  139. Rachel Walsh says:

    I’m about half ready but still got my daughters and partners birthdays yet so they’re my first priority!!

  140. Lucy says:

    I try and spread out buying presents across months. Love Christmas time it’s so nice to get excited and be with friends and family more 🙂

  141. SHIRLEY EVANS says:

    I am no where near teady.I don’t like starting iuntil December 1st,Otherwise its almost like spending a quarter of the year on Christmas

  142. Amanda tanner says:

    I love curled up on my sofa with the Christmas tree lights on watching Christmas films. Also enjoying a glass of wine of course.

  143. Maggie Coates says:

    I’ve got a few bits and pieces in ready.

  144. Patricia Avery says:

    I’m fairly well prepared as I but throughout the year to spread the cost. I love sharing all the magic and excitement with the grandchildren and then the peace and quiet afterwards when hubby and I are able to sit and count our many blessings

  145. Nikki Hayes says:

    I’ve already started on gift shopping and have a reminder set for the day when I can book my Christmas grocery delivery for 23rd December. I love the decorations, the lights and the rare opportunity to indulge in high calorie food and drink without feeling guilty 😀

  146. Rachel Craig says:

    Not at all organised for Christmas. Though we do aim to start planning and getting organised from the month :- November. Goodwill to all (men), I most enjoy spending quality time with loved ones (family and friends, etc).

  147. Becky Duffy says:

    I’m not ready at all yet but will start the last week of November and I’m looking forward to it very much already

  148. Dagmar says:

    A little bit ready, some

  149. michelle o'neill says:

    Im nowhere near ready, but i only buy for my granddaughter or it gets too expensive.

  150. Maurice Haigh says:

    Not a bit ready though my wife is much more organised. I like a peaceful rest with the family

  151. Tina Mansfield says:

    I don’t feel very prepared this year I have done some shopping but just don’t feel in the mood! I am looking forward to being with family and my son and of courses the food!

  152. Becki Smith says:

    I’m almost done! Just some last gifts to buy and wrap, my children’s Christmas Eve box, plan some days out and the food shopping,I love Christmas definitely my favourite time of year seeing how excited my little ones get xx

  153. chelsey hollings says:

    I am pretty much nearly done now :). I love spending a lot of time with my family over Christmas .

  154. Allison Sherwood says:

    I’m not ready at all but I’m always last minute so I’m not stressing about it.
    What I love most about Christmas is the twinkly lights everywhere. I think they really brighten up the Winter darkness.

  155. Anca says:

    I already bought two gifts for my husband, a drone and a book from a series of non-fiction books he reads at the moment. I’m sure he will love both gifts. I will also buy gifts for my dog, it seems a bit strange that only 65% of people buy gifts for their pets, a special dish or some treats is an easy thing to buy and it makes their day a bit more special too. I’m still looking for some gifts though.

  156. Lee Ritson says:

    I’m only slightly ready. I’ve got a few presents for the missus and a few for my daughter but I want to hang fire until black friday to see if anything they want may be cheaper. I won’t be wasting money on garbage they dont want or need just because its black friday though, just waiting to see if the stuff they’ve asked for is cheaper 🙂

    I love spending time with the family over christmas, thats my favourite part 🙂

  157. Ruth Harwood says:

    I’m not even thinking of Christmas yet lmao!! I start about first/second week December, tho I do get a few things on Black Friday! I’m not much of a Christmas day fan, the stress leads me to enjoy relaxation on Boxing day with a book while the kids are happy with their new toys!!

  158. richard field says:

    Not even started. Its nice to have time together.

  159. Leanne Pearson says:

    I’m not as prepared as I normally am and I’m hosting this year so I should be more prepared!! I love watching christmas films and having christmassy sundays where we listen to christmas music and make decorations! I also love putting the tree up with a Baileys!!

  160. I am not organised at all, I always plan to be but it never happens! xx

  161. Laura banks says:

    ive just got one more present to buy i love it i get a bit carried away with my decorations though

  162. Marie Rungapadiachy says:

    I am not at all ready for Christmas. As usual, I leave things until the last minute. I am looking forward to my Daughters enjoying their presents.

  163. Mandy Betts says:

    I am always ready for Christmas! Done most of my Christmas shopping already – my favourite part is spending time with my family, and giving them their gifts

  164. Victoria Prince says:

    I’m not at all ready! I’ve been picking up bits since last Christmas so I do have some presents, but I have also moved and things are totally chaotic still so I feel totally unprepared. I still can’t wait though – what I love most about Christmas is the atmosphere. There is such a special, unique feeling that radiates

  165. Jo says:

    I’m trying! Tbh I’m waiting until black friday to get a few main presents. I love christmas! Always have done! It’s just a bit magical isn’t it!

  166. I’ve started my list but haven’t bought very much towards xmas at the moment.

  167. kim beale says:

    I am almost ready for Christmas, I can’t wait to see my childrens faces on Christmas morning

  168. Megan Kinsey says:

    I have a few presents ready but need to buy some more and then get on with wrapping and Christmas cards. I love this time of year!

  169. Gillian Hitchen says:

    Pretty ready – most gifts purchased, some already wrapped, just a few of the trickier ones to buy now. I love all the beautiful christmas lights the most

  170. Blondie Blondell says:

    Great giveaway – thanks for the chance

  171. S Greiff says:

    Not at all ready, but no stress. I like the dark cold early evenings coupled with the warmth of the fairy lights and the fire.

  172. Rachel says:

    I’m not ready at all, but I haven’t got any family so I don’t have to do a lot. Best bit? Got to say I love seeing all the twinkly coloured fairy lights. Thanks

  173. Becky John says:

    Am usually done by September, not even started this year. Love hearing the Christmas songs as it gets me in the spirit!

  174. Stacy L says:

    I’ve started on my Christmas shopping and am looking forward to December to be able to put the tree up and get the Christmas movies on!

  175. Victoria Easton says:

    I love everything about Christmas! I have already bought all the presents and wrapped them! Just bought a machine so I can make my own cards! Started buying the Christmas food so then I can enjoy the run up to Christmas without the stress of having to run around! More family time!!

  176. Nicola Dean says:

    I’ve not even started to sort Christmas out yet. I’m going to start buying presents next week.

  177. Claire Nutman says:

    I have been buying pressies through the year, now all i have to do is get them all together and see what i have, honestly i feel stressed already !!

  178. Maria P says:

    More than half of present are already bought and wrapped, and I will check the Christmas decorations next weekend!

  179. Sarah Ann says:

    I am so ready for Christmas! Gifts are wrapped, cards written and I’m getting ready to start all my Christmas baking,

  180. Charlotte G says:

    I’m not ready for Christmas at all! I had good intentions to start early but I’m very far behind, as usual! My favourite part of Christmas is seeing my kids’ faces when they see Santa has been on Christmas morning 🙂

  181. terri kelly says:

    I’m getting there. I’ve either got presents or know what I’m getting for the most part. I love putting the tree up and making the house all festive and relaxing in my festive home and christmas.

  182. Rachel Mccraith says:

    I’m not at all ready, no preparations have been done yet. I love seeing all my family at once over christmas the most

  183. Emily says:

    I am less organised than usual, but still think I’ll be ready by the time we head up to see family!

  184. Laura Pritchard says:

    I’m basically there, just a couple of Secret Santa gifts to pick up, and wrapping paper to do and I’m done.

  185. Debbie Skerten says:

    I’ve bought a few presents, but apart from that I’ve done nothing else. I like to get in the buzz around the second week of December. I don’t rush anything. I just take my time and enjoy every little second. I love Christmas.

  186. Emma Nixon says:

    Christmas! Not ready yet, no prep, just at the gathering ideas stage. Normally start getting a few bits after payday. I love putting the tree up mid december, watching Muppets Christmas Carol and enjoying a few baileys cocktails. The best bit about christmas is being with family.

  187. I am no way ready as yet, I’ve a knee injury and really struggling, but I’ll get there I’m sure.. Ok the decs are down from the loft, that’s it, I’m gonna rely on my 3 daughters to help out xx

  188. Eleanor Rose says:

    I love the build up to Christmas more than the actual day itself! The lights, songs and films – so good! I love giving presents too, but hate actually finding the rights ones – so far I have zilch!

  189. Denise Coy says:

    We are nearly done with all the presents. Just need the fresh food nearer the time. The best thing about Christmas for me is having all the family back together for a good time – even if it is over too quickly.

  190. Jenny McClinton says:

    I’ve got a few bits for my daughter but that it about all so far, really need to start thinking about everyone else soon. I enjoy seeing how much my daughter loves christmas and also i like how cosy it feels with the fairy lights on the christmas tree.

  191. Katie B says:

    I am so not ready! I haven’t started doing anything! But I have this week off so I hope to sort alot of it out then!

  192. Emma England says:

    I’m really excited for Christmas and I already have my decorations up! The thing I love most about Christmas is seeing my 2 little boys faces on Christmas morning!

  193. Mark Mccaffery says:

    Not ready at all, but that’s the excitement of it for me.

  194. Lorraine Tinsley says:

    I’ve done most of my shopping, the kids what a few little bits and pieces, but the main stuff is sorted. The only person who is awkward to buy for is my husband as he never wants anything. I’m not looking forward to wrapping it all though, stupidly I usually leave this to the day before, but not this year as I’m in work! I can’t wait to see their little faces though, it’s always worth it.

  195. Adele Hill says:

    I’ve done some Christmas shopping. I love having the family all round the table for Christmas dinner.

  196. Kellie Steed says:

    I’m pretty organised. I finished my shopping very early, but as we go away just before Christmas, there is still so much to do. I have my son’s birthday to plan, 2 early family ‘Christmas Days’ and packing. It will be worth it when I’m enjoying a sunny Christmas day!

  197. Sarah McCaffery says:

    I try to shop all year round and I just love the atmosphere of shopping with all the lights and music.

  198. A.E. ADKINS says:

    I am partly there but never seem to quite finish. Love the anticipation though

  199. Margaret Mccaffery says:

    I can never be fully prepared as that’s just Christmas. What I like most is the Carol singing.

  200. Ashley B says:

    Not ready at all! I have nothing bought or prepared.

  201. Sona says:

    I am more ready this year. I love Christmas crafts.

  202. Jodie Green says:

    I’m ready, just homemade treats and cake to be made and presents to be wrapped which will be done in a couple of weeks. We love the decorations the most – can’t wait to put them up on the first Saturday of December

  203. Kelly Wheelhouse says:

    I’m getting there with Christmas. I’ve almost finished buying for my little boy, and only need to buy a couple of gifts for friends. I am so excited for Christmas this year because it’s my little boys second Christmas and last year he was too young to understand any of it.

  204. Amanda Baggott says:

    I’m not ready yet, waiting for Black Friday to go wild online!

  205. Jodie Cook says:

    I’m not ready at all, but I have a small family so there’s not much to do! I like to organise everything in the run up week or two, to build the anticipation rather than doing too much before! My favourite part is decorating the tree together and having time to just relax a bit!

  206. Helen R says:

    Not at all ready as both my kids birthdays are at the beginning of December so trying to sort stuff out for that. Eek! I love getting to spend lots of quality time together at Christmas.

  207. hayley berry says:

    My children are about done. Just main presents to sort out. Then a few bits for family and stocking fillers and i’ done. Tbh i am quite ahead of myself this year so be nice to look forward to spending time with the family

  208. Gemma Ewer says:

    Ive nearly finished all the present shopping only have stocking fillers left to go . And to wrap it all up . Yawn!!!!

  209. Alison Johnson says:

    I’m totally not ready for Christmas! I don’t have a single present, no wrapping paper or cards & haven’t even cleared the space for the Christmas Tree. (The tree is large so we have to put a chair in our shed over Christmas for it to fit).

  210. kimberley ryan says:

    not at all ready, I am looking forward to putting the tree up with my family though

  211. James McLaughlin says:

    I love getting ahead of myself this time of year. I try to get all presents bought in October and make sure they are wrapped and out the way before December making the run up to Christmas a lot less stressful. I love seeing our daughters face on Christmas morning.

  212. Nadia Josephine says:

    I am a big kid and i LOVE christmas! I love all the good food and mulled wine, I love Christmas music and christmas movies and I love giving gifts and making people happy!

  213. ADEINNE TONNER says:

    I’ve finished my christmas shopping as i started in August and what i love most about Christmas is eating way to much food!

  214. stephen holman says:

    im waiting for the black friday sales hoping to get some bargains for christmas presents. the best part is seeing my family who live 200 miles away from me.

  215. Ellen Stafford says:

    I haven’t started my Christmas shopping yet. I need to start thinking about it. I love Christmas so much!

  216. Lorna Ledger says:

    The 3 f’s – Family – food and Friends! Thanks for the chance
    And yes nearly got everything

  217. Kirsteen Mackay says:

    I’m half way through my shopping but haven’t started thinking about food. I’m not worried, there’s plenty time.

  218. Kim Carberry says:

    I have the kids main presents and that’s about it. I don’t feel ready at all. Eek x

  219. Naila M says:

    I love the food and getting presents at Christmas as well as family gathering. I try to prepare early.

  220. Jemma Taylor says:

    I only have a few more presents to get then I’m done. I love having the time off and spending time with family and seeing the kids faces.

  221. Lauren Pilkington says:

    Ive done and soooo cant wait to start wrapping! i think i might start that this weekend. im looking forward to having my tree up too! I love everything about christmas! lots of plans for elf on the shelf too which i cant wait to do

  222. Caroline Hunter says:

    I have about half the presents I need to buy already. I love shopping and getting it all wrapped up! Can’t wait for Christmas Day and having a lovely dinner! 🙂

  223. Rich Tyler says:

    We’ve started getting pressies for kiddies, not sure we’re ready yet though!

  224. m hines says:

    I’m not ready for Christmas, it’s too early to think about Christmas. Adverts and christmas stock seems to come out earlier and earlier

  225. I am very organised this year and feeling the christmas vibe.
    I love the guilt free days off and spending time with my family and partner.
    This year we are having a thai feast for Christmas Dinner

  226. Helen Thurston says:

    We’re having a fairly low-key Christmas this year as hubby is still recovering from an operation. I have got a few bits and some ideas for people but we’re nowhere near being ready!

  227. Karen R says:

    I am not at all prepared for Christmas. I’m just too busy with everything else to even start thinking about it yet! My favourite thing about Christmas is being at home for 2 weeks with all the family, eating, playing games and just having a rest from the realities of life!

  228. Michelle Ferguson says:

    I love everything about Christmas, I have done about 75% of my shopping and decorations are up

  229. Mary Ja says:

    I’m not even remotely ready. Well I say that, i’ve ordered my mums presents but that’s it. Not a very substantial start, but at least it’s still November.

  230. Katrina Adams says:

    I love everything about the festive season and the lead up to Christmas. I’m not completely ready but hoping to be ready before December 1st (although I say that every year).

  231. olivia Kirby says:

    I’m not really ready as I have so many birthdays before, including my youngest’s on the 20th dec and my father in law’s 70th on the 23rd dec!!
    I do enjoy Christmas when I finally get there, I just find the organisation a little too much for me!

  232. kerri-marie Davidson says:

    Nowhere near ready for christmas, but I just love spending lots of time with the family!

  233. Sarah R says:

    I’m getting there! I’m making a lot of my gifts this year – crafting is one of my favourite things to do this time of year 🙂

  234. Alice Colling says:

    There’s no need to do it yet when you can next day delivery! 2 weeks before is when I start thinking about it and decorating the house.

  235. Natalie Charman says:

    I have a list of things to buy but that is as far as I’ve got so far.

  236. Catherine Cunningham says:

    I’ve made a good start this year. Normally I am dashing around at the last minute but now I’m retired, I can shop at leisure!

  237. Irene Gilmour says:

    i just about sorted on main present to buy and a few small gifts

  238. Susan Hoggett says:

    I’ve made a good start but still alot to do, I like to have all my presents bought by the beginning of December so I can just enjoy the build up!

  239. Maxine G says:

    Eek … not at all ready but can’t wait for the nice break to spend time with family

  240. Jo m welsh says:

    I have made a start on Christmas shopping but still a long way to go, and I love it when the family get together

  241. Kristyn Harris says:

    I am not at all ready for Christmas unfortunately! I am most looking forward to spending some time with y family over Christmas

  242. Claire Ginn says:

    Haven’t done anything yet, need to get motivated

  243. Zoey H says:

    About half way through, aiming to get it completed by end of this month as we are away for Christmas this year. So will have family Christmas before we go

  244. Kat B says:

    I’m not ready yet but I have set aside a shopping day with a friend. We’ll go out and have lunch and champers and it’s my fave Christmas tradition.

  245. Janine Atkin says:

    i love the week off work and try to get finished with the shopping the week before xmas

  246. Fiona Martin says:

    I’ve still got lots of shopping to do so don’t feel very ready yet but I do love it when it all comes together and I see all the happy faces on Xmas day!

  247. cheryl hadfield says:

    I love Christmas with all my family around, I only have a few presents to buy then the countdown can begin

  248. Cathryn Crawshaw says:

    Love christmas but daughters birthday first so need to be ready for that first

  249. Helen Tovell says:

    Organised but not ready and love being together as a family again as son returns hone from uni for the festive season

  250. Cady Kelly says:

    I am some what organised but the main thing it all about my daughter this year seeing the excitement on her face. Also taking her into work (care home) where she brings joy to everyone faces

  251. Mary Campbell says:

    I’m reasonably prepared. I tend to start the Christmas shopping in early November – just after Halloween, and early enough to generate a glow of festive goodwill right up until the big day! 🙂 I utterly adore the festive season, particularly The Nativity, Watch Night Service, carol singing, going to the pantomime, and gift giving. So many wonderful events all contribute to this magical time of the year, and I intend to enjoy them all!

  252. Matthew Day says:

    Love Christmas but youngest has birthday in December end eldest’s is at the start of January so they other priorities come first..

  253. Emily McCabe says:

    I’ve got a good selection of presents together for the kids, it’s just the adults I need to get sorted so almost there, my sister is hosting this year so less for me to organise :). My favourite part is getting to spend time with my family 🙂

  254. Laura H says:

    I’m super organised for Christmas- I love the excitement building up

  255. Lorna M Peppiatt says:

    I’m mainly organised, I like to start around September to spread the cost. I love the spending time with family aspect of CHristmas, always seems a happy time of year.

  256. Jessica Hutton says:

    I’m not very organised. I have started my Christmas shopping and have organised some fun family Christmas Days out. My favourite thing is spending time with my family. I love the Christmas lights it just makes the house so cosy. Xx

  257. Jocelynne Harrison says:

    I’m not very ready. I have bought some of my daughters gifts and extended family but need to get a move on. My favourite thing is putting the tree up with my daughter and then settling down to watch the grinch.

  258. Lyn Geddes says:

    I have all my cards, paper and tags and some presents. I love putting up the tree with my daughter

  259. Paul Bingham says:

    presents nearly all bought ,best part of the day is having the family all together

  260. Susan Willshee says:

    I love having the whole family around for Christmas lunch. Even the nutty dog can’t phase me on Christmas day! I’m fairly ready for Christmas. I have been buying food that doesn’t need to be fresh over the past few weeks. Hopefully it will all come together on the big day.

  261. Jackie Howell says:

    fairly organised and my favourite part is Christmas dinner

  262. Hannah Carroll says:

    I’m almost done, I think, but always realise I’ve forgotten something a few days before! My favourite part of Christmas is definitely spending it with my baby girl. This is the 2nd Christmas and the first where she will be able to open her own presents, so I cant wait!

  263. Caroline Toner says:

    Just family time together, stopped the over spending and over indulging and buying into the commercial aspect of Christmas

  264. Elaine Kidd says:

    Not organised yet this year, there are still a few peoplw that I don’t know what to buy.

  265. Natalie J says:

    I’m almost done shopping and I’ve pre-programmed the car radio to the Christmas song station, can’t wait for the big day!

  266. Vicky H says:

    I’m not very organised at all this year I’m normally done have only got one present so far do love spending time with the family over Christmas.

  267. Leslie Evans says:

    Never ready for it always last min panic.
    Love to see the Grand Children opening their presents.

  268. I pick up items in the sales to be ready for the following year

  269. Tracey Hallmark says:

    I buy throughout the year in the sales so I’m about 3/4 done but I always like to visit the Christmas markets and to go last minute shopping on Christmas Eve too as the atmosphere is so Festive, I love sitting round the dinner table with all the family and playing games afterwards which always results in lots of fantastic laughter.

  270. Lani Nash says:

    I am mostly ready. I love see happy, excited children and spending time with family that we rarely see at any other time of year.

  271. Thomas Perry says:

    I am slowly getting ready for Christmas I have a few presents bought and wrapped which is massive for me as normally I’m a last minute kind of guy. I am taking my nieces and nephew Christmas shopping and for lunch next weekend so I am so looking forward to that. Then it is searching for somethign to wear to my Christmas party. It is a bit full on but I love Christmas so it is all worth it.

  272. Kevin Pike says:

    Love spending time with family

  273. Lucy Barlow says:

    Not ready AT ALL!
    Well, actually – I’m ready for my Christmas WORK
    but not for my Home and Family Christmas!
    Though we are keeping it simple by buying experiences (theatre etc) so less wrapping by far!

  274. Heli L says:

    I’ve just got a few bits and bobs for the stockings but that’s about it. I love the anticipation of Christmas like looking for the presents and decorations and watching the kids excitement grow the closer to Christmas we get!

  275. Sheri Darby says:

    Iam totally unready and unprepared, but I love Christmas and having all the family around me


    I love the magical feeling that surrounds Christmas. The lights, the smell of pine, singing carols, parties & pantomines, such fun even before you open a present!
    I have yet to start doing anything towards Christmas, I’m more of a last minute type of girl!

  277. k walsh says:

    My favourite thing is watching sentimental Christmas movies with the family in
    our new Christmas PJS under cosy throws, drinking hot chocolate with candles
    burning after filling our tummies with a traditional Christmas Dinner.

  278. Charlotte Carter-Dunn says:

    I’ve nearly finished my shopping as I started really early this year and my favourite part is the Christmas dinner and everyone being together

  279. greig spencer says:

    not done alot yet – going to start after payday

  280. Helen-marie Porter says:

    were not ready at all for christmas its not been kind to us this year normally im all finished by now!

  281. Sarah Mills says:

    i am not ready but i do love my sons face on xmas morn

  282. Donna Caldwell says:

    I haven’t really started only because no body really wants anything . I love how wonderfully festive everything looks

  283. Angela Kelly says:

    I always do a big Amazon shop for gifts in October half-term. Then there is just food to get, so I’m less stressed in December.

  284. Christine Constable says:

    I’ve started planning for Christmas, but nothing is sorted yet. I love playing carols with the brass band, especially on Christmas Eve at our local supermarket.

  285. Michelle Moloney says:

    I haven’t started wrapping yet but I think I’ve done all my shopping. I’m looking forward to seeing the excitement my niece and nephews get from the moment ahead.

  286. Marrian says:

    I have bought and wrapped most of the presents but nothing else is ready.

  287. Anne Plumb says:

    Pretty well ready for Christmas as don’t do many Christmas presents. Have all the Christmas cards and will sort this weekend. Tree and decorations go up on Dec 14th. 3 lunches out with friends in early December. Christmas day is just me and my man and a special Christmas chicken dinner. Have been getting a few extra bits every week, so no big shop required. Family get together on Boxing day with everyone bringing something for the buffet.

  288. David Pithie says:

    50% done already. then our lull followed by the panic when we realise we are not quite as well planned as we thought.

  289. Chirag Patel says:

    Need to get started soon am a very last minute person

  290. Kendra florence says:

    I love Christmas but don’t start my Christmas shopping until December

  291. Erica Hughes says:

    I’ve not started, but I have no presents to buy as we have a family no presents rule. I am cooking dinner though.

  292. Joanne smith says:

    I have made a start! I love this time of year, I’m like a big kid!

  293. Anthea Holloway says:

    I am nowhere near ready but I have bought some Christmas presents, made the puddings and made and iced the cake!

  294. Helen S says:

    The best part of Christmas for me is being with my family and friends, last year my lovely friend was on her own so came to spend Christmas with us, this year we are going to my daughter’s.

    I’m not very organised for Christmas but I keep telling myself it’s still only November 😉 I have a few presents bought and got my Secret Santa gift for work which is the worst gift to buy for, especially wne the name you pick out of the hat is your grumpy Manager. Let’s hope she likes what I’ve got her and it doesn’t make her grumpier, haha. With only a fiver to spend, that’s a big ask mind.

    Happy Christmas x

  295. Elaine Burbidge says:

    I’ve nearly finished my Xmas shopping. I love the time off work to spend with family

  296. Helen Rosbotham says:

    I haven’t started yet as both my daughters are still at university till mid December so there’s no rush!

  297. Debi Newman says:

    I’ve bought most of my presents just a few more to get. I like to be organised so I can enjoy December x

  298. Joanne Welsh says:

    Not at all this year! I’m usually sorted by now.

  299. Joanne Ahmed says:

    Not even started and I have 7 children (and one on the way). I know what I want though so shouldn’t be too difficult (she says) haha x

  300. Jules Eley says:

    I haven’t brought one present yet, I am so behind and really need to get organised.. I love spending time with my children at Christmas the most 🙂

  301. Cathy O says:

    I love getting the family together and enjoying the magic of Christmas. Afraid I am rather slow getting ready on the present front but I keep saying there is plenty of time!

  302. Shelley Jessup says:

    Getting there! I have one Christmas shopping day planned tomorrow & then I need to wrap, deliver & get the Christmas food in for my family & the rest is all for Christmas day.

  303. Robyn Clarke says:

    All the presents are wrapped and at my mums house, ready for Christmas morning. I just need my mum to tell me what my contribution to the meal will be. I love the preparation and christmas crafting 😀

  304. Emma Davison says:

    We are just about ready. Love mum’s homemade Xmas pudding.

  305. Denise Wilden says:

    I’m about half way there still have to pack pressies and buy a few more. I love getting together with all my family on boxing day.

  306. Andrea Upton says:

    I am getting there, I think I have done about half of the Christmas shopping now. I love it when the children open their gifts on Christmas day

  307. Kirsty Taylor says:

    I’ve got most peoples presents and we’ve started to bring the Christmas decorations down from the loft. We’ll be putting the tree up on Sunday – it’s one of the best bits of Christmas!

  308. Paula Phillips says:

    I’m not ready at all yet. I love seeing seeing all the lights and decorations everywhere.

  309. Iris says:

    I usually don’t start until the beginning of December I’m looking forward to spend time with the family

  310. Kerry Webber says:

    I like to think I am organised, but I always forget something or someone! I’m not cooking Christmas dinner this year, for the first time in probably more than 15 years, so I’m looking forward to relaxing on Christmas Day!!

  311. Rachael Marsden says:

    oh no, im not ready at all! I love seeing everyone around me happy x

  312. LorraineK says:

    I haven’t even started getting ready but I am looking forward to all the food and drink

  313. Andrzej Szymanski says:

    I’ve been too busy to start thinking about Christmas and I’ll be starting to do that on 14th December. I enjoy spending time with friends and family on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, going to a football match on Boxing Day as well as playing tennis and going to the theatre as I will be taking some well earned time off.

  314. LUCY IRVING says:

    I am not ready at all I haven’t started shopping yet.

  315. ellie spider says:

    I pretty much have all my xmas pressies sorted – I start buying in January including all the wrapping paper and stuff – this year I specifically looked for eco-friendly and recyclable paper as I know that christmas paper is terrible but i also know the kids love the opening of pressies – this year for the adults rather than wrapping paper I have plain brown paper bags that I am tying with some string and ribbon and some dried orange slices 🙂 We also made a bunch of home made cards for people so are pretty much ready and will be completely done by 1st December as we are every year

  316. Christine Hobbs says:

    I love Christmas planning and start by making a list of gifts a list of food stuff and a list of things I have to do with dates next to them. I make a cake in November put up decorations 1 Dec and send my cards out 10 Dec. Sounds crazy but I like to be organised then I don’t panic.

  317. Charlotte Geoghegan says:

    I am 0% prepared! I most love family time 🙂

  318. Kirsty Sparks says:

    I love seeing my family I’m almost ready trees up, shopping done, I just need to wrap it up

  319. Jenny Prest says:

    I’m not as organised as last year, but getting there! I love the build up to Christmas with the kids, who are looking forward to their Elves arriving back soon, just to see what mischief they will get up too this year!

  320. Jennifer Toal says:

    I’m not ready!! I have ideas what to buy but need to get into gear

  321. AnnaSSS says:

    I am not ready. I will start my christmas shopping in December,as usual. Every month I am putting some money in to the christmas pot so I don’t have to worry now.My work organise christmas party It will be fun and next weekend after that me and my partner would go for big shopping and nice lunch in the city. I cannot

  322. zoe somerfield says:

    I seem to have loads still to get, I’m not as organised as I was last year for some reason

  323. paula cheadle says:

    I have done about 3 quarters, I just love to see the kids faces when they get they main present

  324. Jane Green says:

    Not at all, but I am planning on a wee trip to the attic this morning to see what is up there and what i need to buy.

  325. Jo McPherson says:

    I’ve started buying some presents here and there, haven’t given it too much thought yet but need to start moving as it’s coming fast. I love all of Christmas especially dinner

  326. Sandra Fortune says:

    I’m about half done buying presents I can’t wait to see my grandson ‘s face always fun spending the day with him and my family

  327. JM says:

    I have a few presents and some fod. I love all the preparations and spending time with family. I also love the Coca cola Advert with the red lorry!

  328. John B says:

    I am nearly ready for Christmas. Just waiting for Black Friday to get the tech my son needs. Also still trying to find the killer present for my wife (dies not have to be expensive, just really right).

  329. Julie Walsh says:

    Great Competition

  330. Hannah Whitling says:

    Haven’t done anything towards Christmas yet. My most favourite part of Christmas is having all my family together, that means more to me than anything else over the whole of Christmas.

  331. pamela Gossage says:

    I have all my presents for everyone.

  332. Emma Gosling says:

    I have most of mine done. Its the wrapping i need to crack on with! x

  333. Sam f says:

    I have bought one present so far! Otherwise I’m so underprepared! I have a list but yet to tick anyone else off yet

  334. Nadine Clark says:

    Mostly presents already got, wrapping paper acquired. Will wrap presents at the beginning of next month, once the tree is up. Nothing better than wrapping presents whilst smelling the fragrance of a fresh tree:)
    Christmas day food ordered for collection and menu plans done.
    I am mostly there I think!

  335. Toni W says:

    I haven’t bought a single present yet as no one in my family ever know what they want lol! My favourite part is getting together with my loved ones, as everyone gets older it makes it more important to make the time.

  336. Denise walton says:

    I love Christmas we have 11 grandchildren and they all make it special for us

  337. Sarah Morris says:

    I have started Xmas shopping but not fi ished yet, looking forward to Xmas as its my grandson first Xmas

  338. cathy james says:

    love having time to spend with family though hate the buying

  339. ellie gilmour says:

    ive got most of the presents i need. i still have a few more to get

  340. Ashley Murray says:

    I’ve made a start on my christmas shopping but nowhere near done yet! I’m really looking forward to spending my boyfriend and I’s first christmas together with the family, and have my sister back from working in China for the past 18 months!

  341. Cath Joyce says:

    I am doing ok, I have most of the presents and just need to start writing the cards now

  342. Dawn Samples says:

    I’m not very organised this year because I’m saving for our weekend in Brussels next week. December will be a mad rush around x

  343. Jenny Barker says:

    Have not started yet I love Christmas but find if I start too early it stresses me out so normally wait until after the 7th of December I then find it doesn’t stress me out as much :0)

  344. Clare Martin says:

    I would say I am halfway there with Christmas shopping but still have a lot to organise. I love getting presents for other people but I especially love buying all the food and drink for Christmas. That is my favourite bit!

  345. Charlotte Wilde says:

    I’ve done my presents for my family abroad … this country – NO WAY!

  346. Emma Rawlinson says:

    I’m not very well prepared! Still got quite a few presents to get, but I have the ideas.
    My favourite thing about Christmas is the time off to relax and watch movies

  347. Fiona jk42 says:

    I’m nearly done with Christmas shopping. Luckily I don’t have many people to buy for as my husband’s family are Hindus so don’t celebrate Christmas. I leave Christmas dinner to my husband as he is the main chef, but it’s up to me to decorate the house, which I will start on 1st. Dec.

  348. bex allum says:

    I love spending time with family, I haven’t started Christmas shopping yet this year.

  349. astrid C says:

    almost finished my christmas shopping

  350. CAROL PATRICK says:

    Only about 50% organised. Some presents bought and all cards. Looking forward to Christmas lunch with everyone gathered round

  351. Janine H says:

    Really not at all organised this year and just realised how far into November it is!

  352. Carolyn Corrin says:

    Not starting shopping yet, but I am organising my overseas Christmas cards

  353. Lesley Cohen Wright says:

    Nearly all done most of the main presents bought

  354. Lisa Pond says:

    Not very organised this year but LOVE seeing our daughters faces in the morning and eating chocolate for breakfast on Christmas day!

  355. meryl thomas says:

    Not very ready this year, as just had two pups and we spend all our time looking after them.

  356. Jess C says:

    Have done a lot of it, still more to do.
    Love the food and being able to pig out on chocolate and not feel too guilty…

  357. Megan says:

    I haven’t started preparing for Christmas yet, but I love giving people gifts.

  358. Tracy Barber says:

    Not at all ready for Christmas probably won’t be until it’s nearly near is Christmas eve!! Best thing about Christmas is having some R&R time with my OH and family. And all the twinkly lights that go up everywhere, love it

  359. Kate Davies says:

    We’re somewhat organised, just a few people to buy for and a robot to try and find for my son. We love the family time and the food

  360. michelle olner says:

    I’m so not ready for Christmas. Every year I promise to myself that next year will be different but it keeps up so quickly. I love the buzz though as you get closer to the big day

  361. Paula Gwynne says:

    We are ready as far as biscuits, chocolates and snacks stored ready for Christmas but as yet to purchase any gifts. I mainly look forward to just seeing my family and having quality time with them

  362. Danielle Sedgebeer says:

    I’m all ready for Christmas (there’s a first for everything!) I’m never normally done by now! I love the lead up to the big day, Christmas Eve when we all wear matching pyjamas, drink hot chocolate, watch a Christmas movie before bed! I love the magic of it all and seeing my daughters face Christmas morning when Santa’s been, it’s lush!

  363. Hannah Scudder says:

    I am pretty much done with presents, a few left to get. I love the family time at Christmas.

  364. sharon martin says:

    i’ve sorted most my pressies and what i love most is spending time with my family

  365. Stef Acaster says:

    I’ve made a start but still have a lot to do. I love the build up and seeing family.

  366. sara clarke says:

    I’ve bought all of my daughter’s present as she is the easiest to buy for, but need to but present for everyone else. My favourite part is watching my daughter open her presents

  367. Sarah Rees says:

    I started last week and hope to be done just after Black Friday

  368. Hannah Smalley says:

    By now I at least have my list sorted for shopping but haven’t even done that this year! Hopefully our local xmas fayre & turning on the lights will get me in the mood (& focused!) next weekend

  369. Laura Mcdaid says:

    I don’t get started till midnight December not very organised

  370. claire Fawkner says:

    Love Christmas but sooo not organised!

  371. ANNE WOODTHORPE says:

    I am nearly ready for christmas, but still feel as though I am flapping around chasing my tail.

  372. Teresa Sheldon says:

    Not got a thing yet keep thinking i will start tomorrow however at the moment tomorrow never comes at this rate it will be a Christmas Eve dash

  373. Rachel B says:

    I’m reasonably ready for Christmas. Well on top of the present buying this year.
    I enjoy spending time with all the family most of all. It really is a magical time.

  374. Helena Gilbert says:

    I am a last minute person so it will be the week before Christmas when I start buying presents.

    I love the family being together ….a special time

  375. Carol Phile says:

    I haven’t started. It will be low key for us as we only lost Mum a year ago so it’s all a bit sore.

  376. jackie curran says:

    I’m not that organised yet, usually a mad rush beginning of December for me .

  377. RKB says:

    I absolutely love the build up to Christmas it puts me in such a good mood! Going to try and be more organised with my present buying this year, always leave it until the last minute. x

  378. Louise Boxall says:

    Getting there! Kids are nearly sorted but Santa is very busy this year! Fab prize giveaway fingers crossed

  379. Laura Linsey says:

    I have started my shopping and hidden it all in the wardrobe, that is as far as I’ve got!

  380. Wes M says:

    I’m aways ready for Christmas!

  381. Sue Carter says:

    I’m very much a last minute shopper

  382. Tee Simpson says:

    I am not even near ready. It is always the same every year. I really look forward to having down time with my family and forgetting the everyday struggles (eg the school run).

  383. Ma4ion Zpayne says:

    I love Christmas as we have lots of family children around, and I have done about half my presents and written most of Xmas cards

  384. Stephanie Tsang says:

    I’m not very ready. Have bought a couple of small stocking fillers for the kids so far. We love getting the Christmas tree out and decorating it.

  385. Kyomi Johnson says:

    I like to be organised at Christmas I try to start in early November so that I’m not rushing or things don’t go missing in the post I enjoy some ding time with all my family at Christmas and seeing the excitement on my little nieces face

  386. Sunita says:

    I love the magic of christmas. I love the way society comes together and supports people less fortunate. Everyone deserves a Christmas especially children..i will never grow out of Christmas i love put up me decs even though planes overhead think its their landing strip (oops soz about that!) And i still believe father Christmas is real…and then there’s the food its basically a time where I eat anything and everything without feeling guilty

  387. Leanne Bell says:

    I’ve barely started. I find it really stressful. Be nice to be able to enjoy it more

  388. Alison Clark says:

    I’m moving on the 12th December and it’s my little boys first christmas – I havent even made a start on it, I know what Im getting my son but thats as far as ive got.

  389. Josie Coltman says:

    Don’t feel that ready yet, as like to wait until my Birthday has been. I love spending time with my family and celebrating the true meaning of Christmas.

  390. Caroline U says:

    I’m not at all ready, I usually start in December – my favourite part is definitely the children’s excitement!

  391. Lynne OConnor says:

    I’ve got about half the presents and a long to do list to follow for the day itself. I just love watching my youngest opening his presents

  392. Nicole Woods says:

    I love time off work to spend with loved ones 🙂

  393. Kel says:

    I really love Christmas, my favourite time of year. I love that I get to see the kids so much more.
    I am not ready in terms of shopping, but am ready for the break!

  394. Ruth Wollerton says:

    I am not ready for Christmas, as money is quite tight this year. But I love Christmas for all the family festive fun we have.

  395. Darren Bourne says:

    We are nowhere near ready for Christmas. I love having a break from work and spending quality family time.

  396. Adrian Bold says:

    I’m not at all organised, and leave my shopping until about a week before Christmas.

    The best thing I love about the period is all the great food and drinks!

  397. Alison Clifford says:

    Not ready at all, no presents bought yet, got to think of ideas for the elf on the shelf too!!

  398. Melissa Lee says:

    I am so behind with Christmas planning and starting to panic a little! I do love the chance to have some time off work

  399. Abi says:

    Love soap and glory products!!

  400. Amy Stevens says:

    I have all but one gift. So pretty prepared

    What I like most about Christmas is all the Christmas lights and decorations

  401. Lorna-Jane Holland says:

    I’m not prepared at all. So disorganised this year!

  402. Monika Bascombe says:

    I am half way there really , lots of predsents are still in transit but ordered and paid , menu also worked out,

  403. Sarah Roberts says:

    Were all set for gift buying now and have some of the Christmas goodies stocked away it will just be the main food shop and fresh vegetables. I love Christmas and enjoy every minute of it!.

  404. Georgie Wright says:

    I’m not ready at all, I haven’t even started!

  405. Kerry H says:

    We don’t like a fussy Christmas so have all my presents bought except something for the neighbours’! It wouldn’t be for everyone but I really love a relaxed day.

  406. joanne casey says:

    I’m about half way ready! I love getting the whole family together for some quality time

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