Rising Sun Country Park in January

January 16, 2012

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will be aware that I live next to the Rising Sun Country Park. One of the things that I do every day now is to take the dog for a walk and I have been thinking for some time it would be nice to document the changes in the season in the park though a series of photos. I am planning to do some photos each month taken from roughly the same spot on my walk to show this.

In January the days have been starting to get longer so I have been finding that I have been going into the park on a morning as the sun has been rising. I managed to capture a few photos to show this.

I have taken the photos on the part of my walk as I enter the park. On the left is the a field which is farmed and I am hoping this will change with the seasons. You can also see a row of trees which should start to bloom as spring arrives.

Recently it has been very frosty and icy and the sky has been really clear and blue. These are some photos taken on a walk a bit later in the day which captured the frosty morning.

This one is before I get to the park but I love the tracks in the frost. You can just see my dog has wandered into the shot!

In this one I think the tractor tracks really show the frost.

Even the trees were frozen and the little stream that runs beside the path.

This next shot is also taken at the same time the week before when it was not frosty at all so you can really see the difference.

I really like the odd cloud formation over the trees. I hope I am able to get some decent shots in February that show the differences from January.

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  1. Splodz says:

    Really nice shots. Looks cold.

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