An Epic Walk

May 26, 2013
Rising sun country park

The sun was shining, it was a gorgeous day. It was time for a walk in the country with my son and the dog. We packed some water and a bowl for the dog to drink from and we set off. We also brought a Frisbee with us, the idea was the dog would chase it. I am not sure he knew what to make of it so we ended up throwing it between ourselves.
We are lucky enough to live next door to the Rising Sun Country Park so we headed there. First we had to walk past the farmers field.
Rising Sun
As it is May the field is starting to show signs of the crop. This year it is rape, last year it was some sort of grain. The borders beside the path are coming into bloom with lots of while flowers, even the nettles have flowers on. Sadly the field is likely to be built on in the next few years, the application for planning permission has gone before the council. It will change the whole face of the area which will be a shame.

We then headed up the steep hill. The path varies according to the weather, a stream often flows down here when it has been raining and the path keeps getting rebuilt.

Rising sun country park

There is a lovely view from the top of the hill, you can see all the city spread out below. On the other side you can see the cranes of the shipyards. There are several trails though the Rising Sun Country Park which are marked by arrows. We just tend to wander and find new ways each time we go.

Rising sun country park
We passed the dipping pond. We hadn’t brought a net this time but it is fun to bring a net and a jam jar and see what you can catch. There are usually tadpoles, pond skaters and dragonflies to be seen. When we have finished looking we put everything back.
Rising sun country park
Into the nature reserve, where dogs have to be kept on leads. It is shady under the trees so time for a quick rest.

boy and dog

Do you think King Kong is beyond the gate?
Gate at risiing sun

Further along the path my son found a friend, who do you think is the best looking?

Rising Sun Country Park

All that walking is hard work. We stopped at the Visitor Centre for a drink. It was very busy, everyone had come out in the sun and the play area was full. All the tables were taken so we sat on the wall outside.

We then continued on our journey. We passed the old quarry which is now filled with water. Lots of geese and ducks had made themselves at home. The Rising Sun Country Park used to have coal mines in it, so I imagine the water is actually very deep.

Rising sun country park

We then went into some more woods where I found some bluebells growing. A bit further on there were carpets of them which looked very pretty in the sunlight.

Finally we reached the Rising Sun Farm. It is an organic farm that produces fresh fruit and vegetables. They also have several rare breed animals and stables.

This time the farm shop was open so I treated myself to a cabbage and some rhubarb. I was not expecting the cabbage to be a monster cabbage.
Giant cabbage
Possibly it is a triffid? Needless to say carrying a cabbage this size home whilst holding a dog prevented me taking any more photos. Anyone know some good cabbage recipes?

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  1. Notmyyearoff says:

    That’s a beautiful landscape and a shame that some of it will be built on. Lovely photos!

  2. Looks like a fabulous place for a walk… Look at that blue sky too! 🙂

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