Toasted Cheese Sandwiches

July 25, 2016

Toasted cheese sandwiches are the classic comfort food. The crunch of the toast makes a perfect companion to the soft melting cheese within.

Toasted cheese sandwiches with spring onion and cherry tomatoes made an ideal lunch recently. It was one of those grey days which promises at sun and never delivers. A day where a toasted cheese sandwich was perfect for holding those hunger pangs at bay.


Toasted cheese sandwich with spring onions and cherry tomatoes

To make the perfect toasted cheese sandwich the bread is important. I used a white bloomer which I carefully sliced into pieces that were not too thick. A thin layer of mayonnaise was spread on the sides of the bread that were going to be toasted.  This adds flavour and allows the bread to brown nicely. The sandwich was then stacked up. Thin slices of cheese were placed on the bread, then finely chopped spring onions and cherry tomatoes. Another thin layer of cheese went on top and then final slice of bread.

Normally when I make toasted sandwiches I use my sandwich toaster. I bought the sandwich toaster as a student and it has given me faithful service since then. After thirty years it is still going strong and toasting sandwiches perfectly. Today I decided to try making the toasted cheese sandwiches in a frying pan.  The reason for this was I wanted to try cooking the sandwiches using Lurpak Spreadable Infusions.  I thought this might add more flavour to the sandwich.

Toasted cheese sandwiches with lurpak infusions

Lurpak Spreadable Infusions

Lurpak Spreadable Infusions are a blend of Lurpak butter and rapeseed oil.  Lightly whipped to make it easy to spread they also contain herbs and spices for an added depth of flavour. There are three different flavours, Chilli & Lime, Smoked Chipotle and Sea Salt & Pink Peppercorn.  Developed to complement an assortment of breads from around the world they also add a lovely flavour to mashed potato.

Toasted cheese sandwiches with lurpak infusions

I used the Lurpak sea salt and pink peppercorn flavour to make my toasted cheese sandwich. The pink peppercorns add a lovely splash of colour. I melted the Lurpak in the pan with a little oil then added the sandwich to the pan. After cooking for two or three minutes on one side I flipped the sandwich over. The other side was cooked for the same amount of time. The cheese melted nicely and tasted lovely with the sweetness of the tomatoes and the bite of the spring onions. The Lurpak added a nice peppery flavour to the bread which worked well with the cheese.

Toasted cheese sandwich recipe

Toasted cheese sandwich with spring onion and tomato

  • Servings: 1
  • Difficulty: easy
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Toasted cheese sandwich perfect for lunch


2 slices white bloomer bread
6 slices of cheese
2 spring onions
3 cherry tomatoes
Lurpak spreadable infusions
cooking oil


Spread the mayonnaise onto the sides of the bread that will be toasted.
Stack up the sandwich, add three slices of cheese on one slice.
Top with sliced spring onions and cherry tomatoes
Add three more slices of cheese
Add the final slice of bread
Melt the lurpak spreadable infusions and some oil in a pan
Add the sandwich to the pan and cook for three minutes until brown and toasted
Flip the sandwich and cook the other side until brown and the cheese is melting

If you are looking for more ideas for hot sandwiches then why not try sticky sausage sandwiches which also make a great lunch. Another lovely sandwich filling is cheese savoury which is a recipe found in the north east which is really tasty.

Why not pin this recipe to make later?

Toasted cheese sandwich with spring onions and tomato

What is your favourite sandwich filling? Let me know below.

4 responses to “Toasted Cheese Sandwiches”

  1. A cheese toastie is just the ultimate comfort food, isn’t it. I love it with onions too, adds lots of flavour without loads of extra calories.

  2. This is such a great idea for breakfast! This toasted cheese sandwich looks gorgeous!

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