Tyne Bank Brewery Dog Social

April 25, 2019
Beer taps at Tyne Bank Brewery

The Tyne Bank Brewery dog social is a chance to enjoy a beer and a burger whilst your dog enjoys a treat. It is a great day out.

On Easter Monday we set off our our dog, Eddie, to enjoy the Tyne Bank Brewery dog social. It was a glorious day, the sun was shining. We were looking forward to trying some of the breweries craft beer.

It is not often we get a chance to bring Eddie with us to enjoy a day out and he was excited to be coming along. The day gave him a chance to meet some other dogs and have a chance to play.

Tyne Bank Brewery

Craft beer is becoming more and more popular and Newcastle Upon Tyne has a great range of breweries. You will find the Tyne Bank brewery on Walker Road, on the bank leading down to the River Tyne. The brewery began life in 2011 and they brew their beer on site.

The brewery is a large building with its own tap room and event space. Events happen regularly. Look out for Chill Out Sundays with food by Nins Shack as well as regular night time events.

This was the second dog social held in the brewery. Dog owners can relax. Treats and water are available for your dog, much needed on a hot day. The dogs got a chance to interact and play with other dogs. Good food and beer were on hand and the weather was perfect

Outside the brewery

The entrance to the brewery is round the back. There is some parking available. When we got there the dog social was already busy. People and their dogs were sitting at the picnic tables enjoying the sunshine

Fat Hippo were on hand cooking their burgers for the hungry. Fat Hippo are often found at food festivals and events and I love their burgers. They are always really tasty and good value. As usual they were busy

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Picnic tables outside Tyne Bank Brewery with Fat Hippo burger stand in the background
The picnic tables outside Tyne bank brewery with Fat Hippo burger truck in the background and people enjoying the sun
The entrance to Tyne Bank Brewery

Inside the Tyne Bank Brewery Dog Social

Taking Eddie we went inside Tyne Bank Brewery to see what was going on. When you go downstairs there is a large open space room with plenty of tables and a bar at one end. You can also see the large vats where the beer is brewing.

The place was buzzing, music playing and plenty of dogs were playing, all with wagging tails. At the bottom of the stairs were plenty of bowls of water for the dogs.

We got Eddie some treats from Doggy Delish Deli who had a stall here. You will find the shop in North Shields and they hand bake a range of tasty dog treats and pupcakes. Eddie thoroughly enjoyed the doggy pizza we got him.

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The stairs at Tyne Bank Brewery with brewery sign
Dog treasts from doggy delish deli
Sitting inside Tyne Bank Brewery with our dog
The vats of beer at Tyne Bank brewery

Tyne Bank Brewery bar

We made our way to the bar area to try some of the beers. The bar area has a lovely quirky feel to it with Chinese lanterns overhead. A blackboard lists the different beer that is available and how strong it is.

More food was available at the bar. A very tempting range of Easter doughnuts from R Place. (£3.00). With their chocolate topping and the addition of creme eggs and mini eggs they ooze decadence. My son tried one and said it was gorgeous.

Tyne bank brewery bar
chinese lanterns over the bar at Tyne bank brewery
bar area at Tyne Bank Brewery
Beer pumps at Tyne Bar Brewery with doughnuts from R Place in front

Also available were pies from Tynemouth Gourmet Pies (£3.50). These handcrafted artizan pies came in a range of delicious sounding flavours and look amazing. If you didn’t fancy beer there was coffee courtesy of Tynemouth Coffee Company.

Tyne Bank Brewery Beers

Tyne Bank Brewery do a range of different beers. They have five core beers that are available all year round. These range from Equilibrium, a light pale ale to Northern Porter which is a robust dark ale. Monument, a rich dark ale, takes it name from the North East.

As well as their core ales Tyne Bank Brewery produces monthly specials which take inspiration from different beers styles worldwide. This months specials are Where Friendship Begins and Endless Nights. These are both ideal for the spring with their fruity overtones.

Beer taps at Tyne Bank Brewery
Tasting platter of beer from Tyne Bar Brewery

We tried the tasting platter which allows you to sample four different beers. My favourite was Where Friendship Begins. It has a fruity zesty taste that makes it perfect for a hot day. Equilibrium was also delicious and the Northern Porter is sultry and brooding.

My son enjoyed Endless Nights and Monument, but Staith’s Cow was not to his taste. This is a really dark porter and I can imagine it is an acquired taste. There is a beer to suit every palette, the fun is trying to find it.

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All about the dogs

The dog social is really all about the dogs and dogs of all shapes and sizes were happily wandering around. Eddie was a little nervous to start with until a little pug came to greet him under the table. After that there were wagging tails all round.

All the dogs were really well behaved and happy to socialise. A few were playing happily together. It really is a great place to take your dog for a relaxing day out.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel at the Tyne Bank Brewery Dog Social
labrador at the Tyne Bank Brwery dog social
Dogs at the dog social at Tyne Bank Bre

Where is Tyne Bank Brewery?

Find the Tyne Bank Brewery at:

375 Walker Road
Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE6 2A

(0)191 265 2828

Tyne Bank Brewery: http://www.tynebankbrewery.co.uk/

Tap Room / Shop Opening Hours
Thursday 16:00 – 11:00
Friday 12:00 – 00:00
Saturday 12:00 – 00:00
Sunday 10:00 – 20:00

Have you ever been to Tyne Bank Brewery? Let me know below.

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