British Street Food Awards, Newcastle

August 4, 2015

I love attending events that involve food and when I found out that the northern heats of the British Street Food Awards were happening in Newcastle I went along. The event was taking place in the Boiler Shop in Newcastle, which hosts the monthly Boiler House Steamer Events. The British Street Food Awards involve four regional heats where various street food traders from the region cook up their signature dish. Two winners from each region are chosen, one by public vote and one by a guest judge and they go though to the final heat in London. The northern heats were celebrating the best street food from Scotland and the North and I was looking forward to finding out more. British Street FoodEntry into the British Street Food Festival was £5 which included a drink voucher and a token allowing you to cast your vote for the best food. Sharps Breweries were providing the bar and there was also a secret bar for those in the know. I was lucky enough to find this bar but that is another story.

Sharps Secret Bar We wandered around having a good look at the food stalls on show before we made the all important decision about what to eat. Newcastle was well represented with stalls from the Fat Hippo, Papaganoush, Scream For Pizza, Claw Hide and Riley’s Fish Shack. To add to the mix there was Kukoos from Bradford, Bangwok from Leeds, Fire & Salt BBQ co, Bangers and Bacon, both from Manchester, and the Pickled Porker from York. If you fancied a dessert Crema Caravan from Edinburgh or Ginger’s Comfort Emporium from Manchester could oblige.

British Steet Food Festival British-street-food-7 British Steet Food Festival British Steet Food Festival British Steet Food FestivalAs you can see the choice of food was difficult, there was so much on offer. My son decided to try a pulled pork slider from the Pickled Porker. I think he was rather taken by the ferret in a flat cap and the little china pig on display on the counter.  The slider was pronounced delicious.

Pickled PorkerPickeled PorkerFor dessert he tried Crema Caravan which did a selection of different flavours of crème brûlée. He chose the original flavour and was delighted when a blow torch was whipped out in order to brûlée the top. The dessert was gorgeous, rich and creamy.

Crema CaravanaBritish Steet Food I chose a wrap from Papaganoush but was hungry so I didn’t take a photo. It was lovely, filled with flavoured salad and smoky meat. We debated trying an ice cream from  Ginger’s Comfort Emporium but didn’t in the end.

Ginger's comfort emporiumThe winner of the northern heats of the British Street Food Awards was Riley’s Fish Shack. When I first arrived they were not quite set up and then there was a really big queue so I didn’t get to try them. I really liked the sound of their mackerel wrap. I did spot them at the Jesmond Food Market when I visited so will have to pop back there next month to see if they are there.

Riley's Fish ShackWith plenty of food, drink and music the British Street Food Awards was a lovely day out. I shall look forward to seeing who wins in the final.



11 responses to “British Street Food Awards, Newcastle”

  1. lucie says:

    Im just like you, im a sucker for a good foodie event – its my favourite way to spend a weekend! That burger looks like the perfect excuse to attend in itself – beautiful!

  2. I never even knew that these kind of things existed ! I bet you were spoilt for choice on what to order I probably would have wanted to try something from every stall xx

  3. The ice cream from Ginger’s is AMAZING! They do an incredible peanut butter one.

  4. Wow love the look of the pulled pork slider. I didn’t know we have a British street food awards! Looks a fab day out, and delicious food too.

  5. Mmmmmmm I’m hungry now! I always love the idea of street food but actually we’re really bad at choosing it over cafes and restaurants, mainly because either the weather or lack or somewhere to sit puts us off. We should be more adventurous with our food!! (I need that pulled pork slider!)

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