Eat Seasonal – April

April 7, 2017
John Waite's spiced lamb pasties

By eating fruit and vegetables that are in season you can save money and eat better tasting food. Eat Seasonal helps you find out what is in season in April.

Eat Seasonal

Why not make the most of products that are in season. Produce that has grown and ripened naturally has much more flavour. The levels of nutrients in these foods is higher as well.  Eating seasonally allows you to enjoy the best produce while having a varied diet. Supermarkets seem to stock most produce all year round.  This makes it hard to know what is in season each month.

What is in season in  April?

April heralds the start of Spring. The weather is getting warmer and the blossom is on the trees. Spring flowers are popping up in the gardens and the birds are building nests. The weather is April is variable, it is well known for April showers. April is a month for celebrations as well. The Easter weekend is in April and the 23rd of the month brings St George’s Day. These are great opportunities to cook a special meal to share with the family.

Winter crops are coming to an end now but the warmer weather is bring new fruit and vegetables in abundance. Walking in the woods you may smell the distinctive smell of wild garlic which is now in season. Take the opportunity to gather some to cook with. If you like foraging you may want to pick some nettles as well. These are great in soup, but do wear gloves to pick them! Salad is starting to come into season with lettuce and radishes making an appearance.  Now is also a good time to get lamb and serve it with new potatoes. Jersey Royals are now available. Rhubarb is also abundant so make the most of it while it is here.  I have put together a graphic that shows what is seasonal in April. You can also download this and print it later.

What's in season in April

Seasonal Recipes for April

I have put together a list of recipes that you can make using some of the seasonal produce available in April.

Lamb Recipes

Middle Eastern Inspired Roast Lamb

This would make the perfect centre piece to your table at Easter. Lamb coated with a mixture of spices and slowly cooked in the oven for a tender and succulent roast dinner.

Middle eastern style roast lamb

Slow Roasted Spanish Style Lamb

If you prefer tomato flavours then this slow roasted Spanish style lamb is one for you. The rich wine and tomato sauce with added chorizo adds flavour to the lamb.

Spanish Style lamb

Lamb Pasties

If you are planning a day out this Easter then why not make some of the lamb pasties to take with you. Delicious hot or cold they are perfect for a picnic.

John Waite's spiced lamb pasties

Cod Recipes

Italian Tomato Baked Cod

Fish is a classic meal for Good Friday. The flavours of tomato and herbs work really well with the cod to make a tasty and delicious meal. It is really easy to make as well.

Italian Tomato Baked Code

Rhubarb Recipes

Make the best of rhubarb while it is available with a number of classic rhubarb recipes.

Rhubarb Pudding

Perfect for a cooler day this spongy topping hides the delicious red rhubarb underneath.

Rhubarb pudding

Spicy Rhubarb Vodka Chicken

Why not treat yourself to some rhubarb vodka and enjoy a spicy rhubarb vodka chicken along with a glass. This spicy chicken is a real crowd pleaser.

Spicy rhubarb vodka chicken

Rhubarb Fool

These light creamy desserts are always a crowd pleaser. They are easy to make as well but look as if you have made an effort.

Rhubarb fool

What will you be making with April’s produce? Let me know below.

4 responses to “Eat Seasonal – April”

  1. I’ve often made rhubarb crumble but never a sponge even though I do make apple sponge. Must give it a try

  2. Galina V says:

    So many delicious recipes to choose from! I recently made a simple rhubarb fool, it was so tasty. Haven’t baked a rhubarb sponge for ages, must do it again while it’s in season. Hope you had a lovely Easter.

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