Simple and Healthy Berry Smoothie

August 18, 2017
raspberry and blackberry smoothie

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This simple and healthy berry smoothie uses raspberries and blackberries which can be found in abundance now. It is the taste of summer in a glass.

Did you know this week is National Allotment Week? A week to celebrate having an allotment and growing your own fruit and vegetables. I love home grown food, it always tastes so much nicer than shop bought. Growing your own is a great way to ensure you are eating what is in season. For a little time and effort you get food that is much more flavourful.

August is a great month for National Allotment Week. Fruit and vegetables are available in abundance.  This allows you to get inventive in the kitchen. It is a great time to whip up smoothies which are full of fruit and vegetables. Not only are they healthy but they are a fabulous way to add fruit to your diet.

 Healthy Berry Smoothie

healthy berry smoothie

This easy smoothie recipe uses raspberries and blackberries. Mix with a little apple and grape juice for a breakfast smoothie. It will give you a boost in the morning and a healthy start to the day.  Smoothies are not only good for breakfast but can be enjoyed at any time of day.

Blackberries are just starting to ripen on the bushes here. At work the other day I found some bushes in our car park. When no one was looking I managed to fill my lunch box with berries. I had enough to make an English summer pudding as well as this tasty berry smoothie. I am still trying to get rid of raspberries. I think the raspberry canes are just producing the last berries. The combination of raspberry and blackberry in a smoothie is a great combination.

Kenwood Blend- Xtract Sport

To make a decent smoothie it is helpful to have a good blender. I made these using the Kenwood Blend-Xtract sport. This is a great way to make smoothies that you can drink on the go. You can make the drink directly into the sports bottle. When it is ready just remove the blender blade, add the lid and take the tasty drink out with you.

Kenwood blend-xtract sport

The bottles are made from Tritan plasic which is the normal choice for sports bottles. This makes them durable as well as being PBA free. The rubber covers make it easy to drink your smoothie on the go without having to remove the lid. It is a great way to whip up a smoothie to take to work.

The blender itself is a nice size for storing in a cupboard. It is compact and the rubber feet ensure it grips the bench solidly. On the front is the control panel for changing speed.  The blender has two speeds A lower speed which is good for starting recipes using frozen ingredients. The higher speed allows more intense blitzing. There is also a pulse option for smooth blending.

Cleaning the blender is easy. The blades are detachable for easy cleaning. Washing needs to be done by hand as the parts are not dishwasher safe.  I found the unit really easy to use and a great help in making the berry smoothies.


kenwood blender and berry smoothies

 Healthy Berry Smoothie recipe

I was sent the blender and some smoothie recipes from Kenword to try out. The original berry smoothie recipe uses cranberry juice.  We need to avoid cranberry juice in our family as it can cause interactions with certain medication. Red grape juice made a good substitution without compromising on taste. Feel free to use cranberry juice instead.

Berry Smoothie

  • Servings: 4
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

An easy and delicious berry smoothie with raspberries and blackberries.


  • 300 ml red grape juice
  • 100 ml apple juice
  • 250g fresh raspberries
  • 125g fresh blackberries



  1. Pour the apple and grape juice into the blender
  2. Add the raspberries and blackberries
  3. Mix until smooth
  4. Serve

What is your favourite smoothie recipe? Let me know below.

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Simple and healthy berry smoothie. Made with raspberries and blackberries

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  1. Galina V says:

    These berry smoothies look delicious. I didn’t know that cranberry juice could interact with the medications.

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