Rescuing Hedgehogs with Hotter Shoes

April 23, 2015

I always have problems finding shoes that are comfortable for my feet. I have quite wide feet and many fashionable shoes are a tight fit. I tend to do a lot of walking so I like shoes that look trendy but are comfortable to walk in. There is nothing worse than having shoes that rub and cause blisters. The last few weeks I have been trying out Hotter shoes and I have been really happy.

Hotter shoesThe pair of Hotter Shoes I have been trying  were a pair of ballerina pumps called Jewel Shoes. They are perfect for work and walking around town and do look smart. What I like about Hotter Shoes is their shoes are designed with the comfort concept. The shoes have lovely soft cushioning to cradle your feet. The exterior is made with soft leather to keep your feet fresh and the lightweight sole is filled with air bubbles.  Even better they have a generous fit which is perfect for my wide feet. When I wear them I feel like I am walking on air and have a spring in my step.

Jewel Shoes from Hotter ShoesThis particular design of shoes goes with whatever I am wearing, looking equally good with old tatty jeans, smart work trousers or a summer dress. They are ideal now the weather is a little warmer and I am no longer wearing boots. What I did not anticipate was that I would be rescuing hedgehogs with Hotter Shoes.

Hotter ShoesLast night my son came home with the dog and announced he had just seen a hedgehog on the street.  I pulled on my Hotter Shoes and got him to show me where it was. It was literally just a few feet outside my house on the pavement. The hedgehog was happily eating  something that had been dropped on the ground. I was a little worried as it was really near the road. While our road is not very busy, it was the time when people were coming home for tea. We are also very near a main road and I was worried that the hedgehog would get squashed.

HedgehogFortunately I still had the shoe box from my Hotter Shoes. I went in and got it and gently scoped the hedgehog up, putting him inside. We then walked up to our local country park, being careful not to drop the box. The hedgehog moved around inside the box and at one point tried to peek over the edge. When we got to the park I released the hedgehog in the tree line, away from people. He quite happily  climbed out of the shoe box and started wandering around.

hedgehogWe watched him for a while to make sure he was safe and happily moving around. He seemed happy snuffling around in the bushes looking for food and somewhere to go.

HedgehogHedgehogWe left him there but went back a little later to make sure he was still fine. He had moved off from where we had put him and was deep in the woods, happily eating a worm. We only found him because my son heard him rustling about in the undergrowth. Happy that he was safe we left him to get on with things.

Now I can’t guarantee that if you wear Hotter Shoes you will see a hedgehog, but you can be sure that you will have comfortable feet and be able to walk for miles.

I was sent the shoes in return for an honest review, the opinions and photos are my own. I was really happy to see a hedgehog and it was quite a surprise to find one near my house.


13 responses to “Rescuing Hedgehogs with Hotter Shoes”

  1. ninjacat says:

    what a lovely tale to boot or to shoe rather

  2. Awwwh, so cute. I love hedgehogs – we have one living in our garden.

  3. I love your shots of the hedgehog! My most recent wildlife encounter was with an urban fox. Hotter Shoes are incredibly comfy

  4. Galina V says:

    What a cute hedgehog! I have problems with whatever shoes I wear in summer, most of them give me blisters. I hate shoe-shopping, I must be an unnatural women. I grab the first pair that seems comfy.

  5. Awww we saw a hedgehog wandering around at the park a couple of years ago – the kids were fascinated ! Lovely choice of shoes too 🙂

  6. That hedgehog is lovely! I was only saying the other day that I don’t see any around any more – we used to see them quite a lot. Great pics too 🙂

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