The Space Zone at the Life Science Centre

December 4, 2019
Space station at the Centre for Life

The Space Zone at Life gives you a chance to discover the part North East England is playing in space exploration. Why not pop in and find out more?

We were kindly invited to the Space Zone at Life Science Centre in Newcastle in exchange for an honest review.

The Life Science Centre is always an interesting place to visit. There is always plenty to do and lots of activities for kids of all ages. In the Autumn and Winter there is an ice rink outside.

I have always been fascinated by space and was intrigued to see what the new space zone would be like. We went on a cold Saturday to explore further.

Inside the Space Zone at Life

After entering the Life Science Centre we went straight to the space zone. Inside there is plenty to see and it is a great reminder that we are a small planet in a vast universe.

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The space zone at the life science centre

Jobs in Space

The first section was fascinating as it shows different jobs in the space industry. When you think of jobs in space you think of being an astronaut. You don’t usually think of all the jobs that go along with it. There were plenty of examples from robotics engineer to astrophysicist.

The entrance to the space zone at the Life Science Centre

As well as job descriptions there are some fascinating examples of how space affects our everyday lives. We learnt how GPS works, using satellites to triangulate your position on the earth’s surface. We found out how satellites help to predict the weather and got a chance to present a weather show. It is great fun to have these hands on examples.

Model showing how GPS works
Presenting the weather at the centre for life

There is also a section on how Northumbria University is helping astronauts stay healthy in a weightless environment. When you are in space your muscles and bone structure deteriorate. They are researching ways to prevent this happening which also will help people on earth with back issues.

Helping astronauts in space keep fit

Mission Control

Entering mission control we took our seats and were able to try out a number of different missions. We were able to operate a Mars Rover and investigate the surface of Jupiter among other things.

Mission control in the space zone at the centre for life
Facts about Jupiter on a screen

The missions have a varied difficulty which will suit different age groups. It really does feel like you are sitting inside mission control in charge of a vital mission to space.

International Space Station

We then got a chance to go inside the international space station. Before entering you are able to project your face onto the astronaut walking in space outside via an interactive display.

Space station at the centre for life

Inside you can see how astronauts live on the space station. There are fascinating facts on the walls, including what the space station smells like. There are videos of the astronauts on the space station and you can also see how they sleep and go to the toilet – not so easy in zero gravity.

Inside the space station at life science centre

Touch the moon

After leaving the international space station we got a chance to touch the moon. It was a little piece of moon rock with lots of information about how it was found. This is the second time I have been lucky enough to touch the moon. The first time was at the Air and Space Museum in Washington DC as a child. This exhibition brought back memories of that visit. I am sure that any child visiting the new space zone will learn lots and remember the visit.

Moon rock at the centre for life


The Centre for Life also has a planetarium which has different shows during the day. We noticed that Tales of a Time Traveller was about to start and went in to see the show. The film is projected on a circular dome which really makes it feel like you are in space.

The film explores the impact of time, taking you on a journey to find out more about the life of stars and how the earth began with the Big Bang. It is a really interesting and immersive experience.

Planetarium show at the centre for life

Other things to do in the Life Science Centre

Once you have been into the Space Zone there are plenty of other things to do. For those under seven the young explorers zone is a hands on area with plenty to do. The Making Studios have a range of interactive exhibits allowing you to get creative. You can try hands on making activities from sewing to soldering – very much in the spirit of the Makers Faire which takes place in the Centre for Life.

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If you want to find out about how your head works then you can try the Brain Zone. After all that activity you can stop at one of the cafes for something to eat. On the way out pop into the gift shop. Many of the gifts have a space theme, you can get freeze dried astronaut ice cream among other things.

Where is the Life Science Centre?

You will find the Life Science Centre in the centre of Newcastle in Times Square. It is walking distance from Central Station.

Life Science Centre, Times Square,
Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4EP
Phone: 0191 243 8210


Opening times and Ticket Prices

These are valid until 23 February 2020

Life Science Centre

Recommended last admission is 4.00pm

Ice Rink – valid from 9th November – 5th January 2020

Last session starts at 8pm


Have you been to the new Space Zone yet? What did you think? Let me know below.

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