Best Clothes for Autumn Dog Walking

October 13, 2017
Dog in Autumn leaves

Dogs need walking all year round, even in the wind and rain. This checklist of the best clothes for Autumn dog walking will keep you warm and cosy.

Autumn is here. The leaves on the trees are changing colour. They are providing a spectacular display of reds, greens and gold before they fall to the floor. There is something fun about swishing though piles of leaves. Days are getting shorter. It is dark when I get up and soon it will be dark when I go to bed.

With Autumn comes a change in weather. The days are colder. Often it is windy or raining. It doesn’t matter what the weather is like, if you have a dog they still need to go out for a walk. You need to keep warm and cosy whilst you are out. I have put together a check list of the best clothes for Autumn dog walking to help you choose.

Dog in Autumn leaves

Best clothes for Autumn dog walking


A waterproof pair of shoes or wellies is a must. Autumn showers mean muddy paths and puddles. There is nothing worse than wet feet. Lightweight shoes are a good idea. You never know when you will need to chase after your dog. They may spot a bird or rabbit and dash off.

Warm and waterpoof coat

A coat is essential. You need a coat will keep out the wind and keep you warm. It also needs to keep the rain out on those days when it pours. A good alternative is a fleece with a lightweight waterproof jacket. You can keep the jacket in your bag until it rains.

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Jumper and trousers

Make sure you keep warm with layers. A pair of trousers and a jumper are ideal for keeping out the cold. Jeans are not a good pick. If it rains they will soak up the water and get stiff.  Choose material that will dry quickly.

A jumper will keep you warm and cosy. Have a t-shirt or vest underneath. This will trap the air and help keep you warm.


A few accessories are always a good thing to have on an Autumn walk with your dog. First pick a bag that allows you to carry things whilst keeping your hands free. This allows you to carry dog poo bags and water for your dog. It is also a good idea to carry a torch and a towel for your dog. You just never know when he will run into a puddle. This way you can dry him before you let him in the house.

A pair of gloves is useful. On a rainy day your hands will soon get cold. Gloves will help keep them warm. Taking a ball thrower is also a good idea. This will prevent your hands getting wet and muddy from picking up the ball for your dog.

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Autumn Dog Walking

These are some of my picks via LoveTheSales. They are all from Dorothy Perkins. What do you think of my selections?

The items shown are:

Tips for keeping your dog safe in the dark

Walking in the dark can present problems for your dog. Danger may lurk where you are not expecting it. These are some tips for keeping your dog safe in the dark:

Add a light on the collar

If you let your dog off the lead in the dark he can soon disappear from sight. Adding a light to his collar allows him to be seen. You will know where he is. It also allows other people, traffic and bicycles to see him as he walks along.

Take familiar paths

It is hard walking in the dark when you are not familiar with the path. Taking a path your dog is familiar with means that mishaps are less likely. Try to avoid country tracks and walk on paths with street lights.

Wear light coloured clothing

Light clothing makes it easier for you to be seen. This makes the walk safer for your dog as well. If he is wearing a dog coat make sure it is light or reflective to allow him to be seen.

Make sure your dog has an id tag

Check the information on your dog’s id tag is up to date. If he gets lost then people can contact you quickly. The same applies to his microchip, if you move you need to update the information.

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Do you have any other tips to add or suggestions for Autumn wear for walking your dog? Let me know below.

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