Four tasty bagel topping ideas

June 16, 2015
I must admit to never having tried bagels. I have seen then many times in the shops but for some reason I thought that they were really dry and chewy. When Warburtons sent me a hamper of their new bagels to try I found that I had been wrong all this time. Bagels are actually quite delicious and versatile, they can be topped with lots of different things. Even better Warburtons plain bagels only contain 120 calories and the sesame and cinnamon & raisin varieties have 130 calories. This means you can have a treat without feeling guilty. You can find Warburtons bagels in Asda, Sainsburys and Morrisons RRP £1.40 for six. They will be in Tesco and Iceland soon.
Four tasty bagel topping ideasBagels are a bread product that originated in Poland. The dough is shaped into a ring shape and is boiled before baking, which gives them a crisp exterior. Often they have seeds, like sesame or poppy added to the crust. Warburtons bagels are slightly thinner than normal which is why they have fewer calories. I had the bagels, now to think up some toppings the family would love. I came up with four tasty bagel topping ideas.

Warburtons bagelsButter

What could be nicer on a raison and cinnamon bagel than butter? A hot toasted bagel with butter melting onto it with a hint of cinnamon and juicy raisins when you bite into it? Butter was the perfect topping. I did wonder about adding bananas and honey or other exotic toppings but the butter was ideal. I loved eating these for breakfast, they set up up for the morning.

raison and cinnamon bagelChicken, sweetcorn and bacon

chicken, sweetcorn and baconIn a bowl I mixed up some cooked chicken, chopped up pieces of bacon and sweetcorn with mayonnaise. Add this to a bagel and finished with some mixed salad leaves and you have a lovely snack for lunch. I used Warburtons plain bagels which set the filling off perfectly. Be warned though this filling is highly addictive and you will want more. A carrot and raisin salad would be perfect served alongside.

Egg and bacon

egg and bacon bagelIf you are hungry in the morning these make an ideal breakfast. Toast a bagel, fry up some bacon and scramble the eggs. Chop the bacon into small pieces and add to the egg. Spread a little butter on the bagel and top with the bacon and egg mixture. Some black pepper and salt can be added as seasoning. Be warned though, they are very filling. If you are planning on going out for the day these would be a perfect breakfast.

 Smoked mackerel and cream cheese

 smoked mackerel and cream cheese bagel
I love smoked mackerel, and peppered smoked mackerel is one of those things I could eat all day. A bagel with cream cheese, black pepper and peppered smoked mackerel is a perfect snack. The cream cheese brings out the flavour of the mackerel. If you are not keen on mackerel smoked salmon with a sprinkle of lemon and a little dill would work as well. Why not serve with a tomato vinaigrette salad?
I am definitely going to be eating bagels more often now as they are really versatile and tasty. What do you think of my bagel topping ideas? Do you have any suggestions for bagel toppings I can try?

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7 responses to “Four tasty bagel topping ideas”

  1. Ohhh I love an egg and bacon bagel sandwich…my pregnant belly could use one right now!!!



  2. Honest mum says:

    This post has made me so hungry! Thanks for linking up to #tastytuesdays x

  3. Kim Carberry says:

    I don’t think I have ever eaten a bagel. Oh dear. lol
    I think I may have to give them a try….They look so good x

  4. Galina V says:

    I don’t often buy bagels. When we lived in New Haven, CT, there was a lovely bagel shop which sold bagels of all kinds, with lots of different fillings and pickles on the side. Your bagel toppings suggestions made me hungry.

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