Four topping ideas for corn cakes

June 30, 2015

Over the last few days it seems summer has decided to arrive. The weather has been gorgeous, sunny and warm. On warm days I never feel like eating much. Salads and plenty of refreshing drinks are ideal for this weather. Recently I discovered a new snack which is perfect for long hot days in the garden. Kallo corn cakes are made from corn and have no artificial ingredients. Each corn cake has 26 calories and they taste delicious. My son remarked eating them was like eating pop corn. I have been experimenting with toppings and have come up with four topping ideas for corn cakes. These are tasty and delicious and you will keep coming back for more.

Four topping ideas for corn cakesThese are all very simple to make and do not require much cooking. There is nothing worse than having the cooker on in hot weather. The heat from cooking makes you hotter.  The four topping ideas for corn cakes are cream cheese with an apple and mango sauce, hummus and cucumber, mango salsa and chipotle guacamole.

Cream cheese with apple mango sauce

cream cheese with apple mango sauceThe ideas for the apple and mango sauce arose as I had some apples and mangoes that were becoming overripe. I didn’t want to waste them so decided to stew the apples and make apple sauce. This is easy enough to do, just peel and core the apples and chop them into segments. Add some sugar and enough water to cover the apples. Bring to a boil then simmer gently until the apples form a sauce. I then mashed up the mangoes and stirred them into the sauce. This gave the sauce a tropical taste that perfectly complemented the apples. When added on top of the cream cheese it made for a delightful summery topping.

Hummus and cucumber

Hummus and cucumberIf you are feeling adventurous you can make your own hummus, it is quite simple to make. Get a can of chickpeas, drain it and rinse them. Throw the chickpeas into a food processor and add two cloves of garlic, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, 1 teaspoon of cumin, 1 teaspoon of paprika and 3 tablesppons of water. Mix it all together until creamy then add more lemon juice, cumin or paprika depending on your taste. Spread onto the corn cakes and top with thinly sliced cucumber for a tasty snack. You could also add black pepper for a bit more taste.

Mango Salsa

Mango salsaI have become a bit of a salsa addict recently, homemade salsa is just so tasty. It can be added as a simple side dish to just about anything. I recently served guacamole salsa with hotdogerous, the Mexican version of hotdogs and created a lovely cucumber, tomato and lime salsa which is really refreshing. Mango salsa is  just a twist on that recipe, instead of cucumbers I added chopped up mangoes to the chopped tomatoes and red onion. I then added a little lime juice. The finished salsa is really tasty and the perfect complement to the corn cakes.

Chipotle guacamole

Chipotle GuacamoleI love avocados when they are ripe. They taste delicious and are a perfect addition to a salad. For the chipotle guacamole I mashed up an avocado and added a little mayonnaise, natural yoghurt and a teaspoon of chipotle paste. This added a little kick to the guacamole which made it more tasty and unusual.

corn cake toppings

These topped corn cakes would be ideal for barbecues, you could have them set out on plates for people to snack on while they wait for their food to cook. They would also be ideal for picnics as would these sandwich filling ideas or for something more unusual how about these bagel topping ideas? Do you eat rice or corn cakes? Do you have any topping ideas for corn cakes? I would love to hear them.

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3 responses to “Four topping ideas for corn cakes”

  1. Ooh I love the idea of the apple and mango sauce – I thought it was a fried egg when I saw the top picture !

  2. I like the idea of the cream cheese with the apple mango. Kind of like a mango chutney.

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